5 Games To Add To Your Radar writes: "Every year there are a handful of games that everyone seems to be raving about. From powerhouse franchises like Call of Duty to groundbreaking new IPs, such as Watch Dogs and The Last of Us, these games are guaranteed to sell before they even launch. So what about the other guys? The games that due to budget, taste or timing simply slip between the cracks. The titles that leave you scratching your head or have you straddling that proverbial fence. Well, allow us to give you a push as we highlight the top games to watch out for in 2013."

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TheSuperior 2931d ago

I am really looking forward to watch dogs! I think everyone should keep an eye out for that


Looking forward to Beyond Two Souls!

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2931d ago

I am definitely excited about Omerta: City of Gangsters!