Collector’s Corner: ICO Limited Edition

(This article is about the limited edition of ICO, not the game itself)

ICO was released in Europe in 2002, in this special paper box that comes with four art cards. It was re-released in 2006 in a normal PlayStation 2 case, and in 2011 on the PlayStation 3 as part of the HD Collection.

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Hellsvacancy2730d ago

I "had" a copy, it wasnt mine, it belonged to my friend, he loaned it to me ages ago because I never played it, but the analog sticks on my old skool PS2 controller where far to too stiff, so I gave it back, it did look really cool, the art cards etc

Ill let him know later that it might be worth summin, not that it would matter, he probably all ready knows........which would make this comment pointless

Nyxus2730d ago

Yeah, I believe it's not that valuable anymore due to the re-releases, but still kind of a collector's item.

2730d ago
Nyxus2730d ago

Keep it. I actually have two: this one and one in a seal.

Dark_Overlord2730d ago

I will :) I have never used it (Though its not in the shrink wrap), I purchased the re-release (as I missed it the first time round), but whilst GAME were having a stock clearance, I noticed it hidden behind a load of crappy titles, and for next to nothing :D I was very happy that day :)

2730d ago
sypher2730d ago

Yep have this one and the Shadow Of The Collosus one which also came with art cards. Not worth as much these days but still great little items to have in your collection.

Nyxus2729d ago

Yeah, I have the SOTC one as well.