'Ico' At 20: Quietly Beautiful Adventure

GameByte writes: "Ico turns 20! Often described as one of the most influential games of all time, let's take a look at what made it such a cult classic."

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Magog66d ago

I think it's GenDesign's second best game after Shadow of the Colossus. Gorgeous art design and brilliant atmosphere. Fromsoft gets lots of credit for telling a story though atmosphere and location but GenDesign are even better at it, IMO. The Last Guardian was good too but only really lived up to its promise in the last act. Looking forward to their next game!

66d ago
foker66d ago

Nr 2 in my book also. Still think Tetris is perfectly designed game,..

Magog66d ago

Never could stand Tetris. Mind numbingly boring for me.

Uzumaki366d ago

It really needs a re-release on PS5!