Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Screenshots

Here are some of the latest screen shots from Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire for the PS3, courtesy of Gamedaily.com.

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andy capps6269d ago

I'm sorry, this game looks like poo. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I just don't like mech games. I'm sure it'll do well in Japan.


Top 5 Worst Console Launch Games

Knack has been in the PlayStation 4, and while it isn’t a terrible game, it isn’t a game that would have urged anyone to purchase the brand new system when it arrived.

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Hoffmann2859d ago

Super Mario Land on #1 and not even a mention of Ryse while Knack is on #4.

Sometimes...opinions are just not right.

Some really mediocre launch games were Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Mega Drive), Beauty and the Beast (CD-I), Virtua Fighter on the Saturn that was such a bad port that they released a VF Remix,Street Fighter: The Movie (Playstation), Godzilla Generations (Dreamcast) and TransWorld Surf (Xbox)

Listing games like Perfect Dark Zero and mentioned Super Mario Land however...come on.

jokerman272859d ago

I actually enjoyed Ryse more than am I am Knack.

Hoffmann2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

By that logic you also enjoyed Ryse more than Perfect Dark: Zero or Super Mario Land.

In your Article Introduction you write "This got me to thinking; What games were terrible launch titles that companies should just hang their heads in shame for? These are five of those titles:"

You should have mentioned it right there that this is just a list of 5 games you did not enjoy as much as others (like Ryse..lol)

Describing it as a list of the worst console launch games without listing even ONE of the really bad launch games on consoles is ...just not right.

Kribwalker2857d ago

Perfect dark zero was a fantastic launch game tho, you really missed a lot of terrible games that should have been on there

Pilot wings 64 for one
x squad on ps2 wasn't very good
Everything on 3do, jaguar and sega cd were terrible as well

Automatic792858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

RYSE was a great launch title and Perfect Dark was not a bad game.

FN4GM2858d ago

The reviews for Ryse strongly disagree with you.

Concertoine2857d ago

I agree on PDZ, beats most stealth games these days. 32 player online plus 16 bots was cool too.

I miss when games had bots :(

sammarshall1022857d ago

Ryse is excellent especially if you like the Roman history type of setting

3-4-52858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360 had bots though so I actually had some fun playing it on the different maps.

I think it only seems bad in comparison to the N64 game and expectations were so high.

Super Mario Land is actually a pretty decent quality game with it's own play style....it's different in the way that Mario Bros. 2 for NES was different.

coolbeans2857d ago

That's really the thing grinding against PDZ the worst too. I can totally understand old fans being frustrated with it not living up to the legend but those types of expectations are bound to not be met when putting it up so high with one of the most ambitious console shooters ever conceived.

It showcased some poor design choices but I still had a blast with everything in online multiplayer (+ cheap DLC maps too).

Tobsesan2858d ago

Ryse was a good game for a launch titel. Multiplayer was really fun and SP was solid.

sammarshall1022857d ago

It's still my favorite Xbox One title

otherZinc2858d ago

Perfect Dark Zero has one of the best Campaign Co-op Modes in the history of Campaign Co-op Games.

Especially when next-gen games today don't even offer Campaign Co-op.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2858d ago

Perfect Dark Zero is not a terrible game.

Sonyslave32858d ago

idk even know why that game is even on this list

Sciurus_vulgaris2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

One of the authors reasons for listing the game is because it's not a good as Halo 2 and Halo:CE.

-"Mistake number two wasn’t Rare’s fault, but the first-person genre had changed a bit. Halo was the wave of the future, and it seemed that Master Chief had tea-bagged Joanna Dark before she even got out of the gate."

For its' time perfect dark zero was one of the best looking launch titles. The mp was also well regarded, the single player levels changed depending on difficulty and objectives could be completed in several different ways. If not being as good as Halo 2/CE makes a game terrible; I might as well throw out most of the fps games I own lol.

Kribwalker2857d ago

I played that game so much at launch, loved it. It also introduced my wife to first person shooters and turned her into a gamer too.

deathtok2858d ago

No. Just no.

Most of the Sega CD launch titles were garbage. Sewer Shark in particular was the worst.

I felt bad for any kid that got CyberMorph with the Atari Jaguar too!

As far as bad launch titles go... this list is soft.

dillhole2858d ago

Really poor article. Trying desperately to get controversy clicks with it's obviously baiting #1 choice. There is nothing of worth here.