Harrison to leave Sony - join Atari?

Worldwide Studios boss to apparently join Gardner at Atari

Sources have indicated to GamesIndustry.biz that the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, who will leave the company at the end of this week, is to join Atari in the near future.

Harrison, who recently expressed his frustration at Sony Japan's lack of foresight on the casual games front - ceding ground to Nintendo in the process - will apparently join up with ex-EA executive David Gardner and spearhead Atari's push into the casual space.

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xhi45932d ago (Edited 5932d ago )

what a waste.

but it could mean a new era of prosperity and innovation for Atari.

Good luk philly!

blacsheep5932d ago (Edited 5932d ago )

but if sony wasnt willing to see his vision earlier especially with the online look how far we are behind xbox live,then he has every right to leave and go somewhere where he feels his views count and he feels appreciated.

if sony had listened to phil i believe our online setup would already be on par with xboxlive and home would already be in our homes.

but the japanese dont like to be proven wrong and phil had enough if you dont feel that your being listened to you will go to ears that will!

phil your a nice genuine guy and i wish you luck in whatever your next venture maybe.

definately sonys loss

GodsHand5931d ago

Well hopefully if he leaves, he can turn Atari around.

But for some reason, I feel he is going to run that company into the ground, and just have a fat wallet. Hope to be proven wrong since it's a company I had many found memories of.

RJ20005931d ago

Just one man... Not news worthy...

UnblessedSoul5932d ago

Looks like he wasn't happy after all

lodossrage5932d ago

Just look at how loyal Peter Moore used to be towards Microsoft. He turned tail to EA with relative ease. THEN his REAL opinions came out. Phil could be doing the same.

People have to keep in mind that even the high execs have to SAY they're happy even if they don't mean it.

xhi45932d ago

he made that comment very recently about his passion for the development of more casual games and his dissapointment in Japan in its reluctance to concede with his vision.

If he moves to Atari his passion will be fully realised.

I can so see him move to Atari........biggest loss for Sony though.

Iamback5932d ago

The moment he said those negative stuff about Sony Japan i knew something is not right

TrevorPhillips5932d ago

atari!! r u kidding me atari is crap he should just stay with sony they way better then 5hitari.

blikz5932d ago

Well is it true or not, i got some present for him...Hope he enjoy...

kevin11225932d ago (Edited 5932d ago )

All I can say is Wow and Geli Mat.

PlayStation3605931d ago

*teary eyed* LMAOA


That was so friggin' crazy! Dude, Bubbles heading your way.

Bolts5931d ago

WTF!? Indian culture is so freaking weird, I can understand the Japanese and Chinese weirdness but I could never figure out the Indians.

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