Editor's View: Harrisons Playstation Legacy

Next Gen: I enjoyed an agreeable lunch with Harrison a short while ago. He did not mention his plans for a new life outside Sony but, in retrospect, the clues were there...

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xhi43891d ago

"Doubtless, we’ll see him on these pages in the next few weeks, representing his next project with the same passion, authority and commitment; none of it faked, all of it genuine. The reason why we like him is because he believes it all completely. "

so unbelievably true.

crunchie1013891d ago

I'm sure I can't be the only one that's REALLY creeped out by N4Gers named Reggie Fils-Aime or Bill Gates etc. *shudder*

Anyway, I, like many will definately miss Phil's personality and prescense on the stages of many a convention, but as this article states, its the behind-the-scenes stuff that was more impressive. Still, E3 2008 won't be the same without him.

Aaron_V6673891d ago

Good luck Phil, i think you are one of the most genuine guys in gaming. I will miss you and your ducks at the next e3 lol.

Don't join EA or MS though

Bebedora3891d ago

That could end up making them reputable and respected. Horror! ^.^

gunnerforlife3891d ago

lool a dont think hell eva do that

carl ps33891d ago

Maybe hes bored of waitin 4 -
PSN Cards(in U.K),
DS3 Pads(in U.K),
In-game XMB
etc etc :-/


Dont keep posting the same comment

blikz3891d ago

Another present video exclusively I give to Phil...Hope he enjoy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.