Why I Stopped Playing Far Cry 3

Gamasutra writes: I just couldn't take it anymore.

I was about 15 hours into Far Cry 3, and the next mission involved sitting down to play a game of poker with the game's main villian, Hoyt.

It was sure to lead to an intense prison breakout of his heavily armed fortress, which would have been a lot of fun, but it didn't matter.

I just couldn't handle another 7 minute monologue about the nature of good and evil, or the true nature of fear or whatever I would surely be forced to watch.

Far Cry 3 is a good game. It's one of my recent favorite games, but enough was enough.

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BillySpandex2159d ago

Why I stopped reading this article... it's lame.

Hellsvacancy2159d ago

Yeah, I kinda read the description and soon decided I didnt care enough to read anymore

knowyourstuff2159d ago

Some people are just too stupid to understand greatness. They're also unimaginative that they can't tackle objectives like taking over bases in any creative way they wish. Vote this crap down!

ShinMaster2159d ago

Why would we care in the first place. Who are you?


snipes1012159d ago

I can already see what's gonna happen. People will come here by the thousands to call the article dumb and tell everyone not to click on it, even though, through their idiotic clicking of this article, despite their disagreement with it's idea, they have catapulted the article to the front page, where the article will bask in the hateful glow of an all-too-eager-to-hate gaming community.

All in all, though, as someone who gave the guy a chance, his reasons for disliking the game aren't that good to me. Just seems like it wasn't for him at all.

2159d ago
TheRealSpy2159d ago

God forbid anyone express an opinion that differs from yours. "The article should be down-voted because I really liked the game!" QQ

Speaking as someone who really enjoyed Far Cry 2 and beat that game, i found Far Cry 3 to be boring after a while. I was a bit further along than the guy that wrote this article...maybe another hour or two...and i just couldn't bring myself to drive to another tower and climb it, or sneak into another stronghold to take it over.

too repetitive and not enough interesting, different, random stuff in the environment.

ShinMaster2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

" clicking of this article, despite their disagreement "
Are we only allowed to click on an article if we agree with it?

I don't disagree with him. He makes a good point. But instead of targeting one game, he should have talked about open world games in general as almost all suffer from this.
His reasons ARE good.

" Just seems like it wasn't for him at all. "
Exactly. It's an open world game like Skyrim and Fallout. All of these open world games suffer from the same shit he talked about. He would have known this was gonna happen going into the game.
It's like a journalist reviewing a game of a genre he dislikes.

snipes1012158d ago

You missed my point. This happens all the time on thia site though. People only go to the articles that they have something negative to say about, and, most of the time, its not even constructive. Look at the first comment - its just childish.

I have no problem with people disagreeing, but for christ sake open up some dialog. Dont say- youre dumb for thinking this and an idiot for writing about it. That was what i was getting at.

darren_poolies2158d ago


'too repetitive and not enough interesting, different, random stuff in the environment.'

How could you think that about FC3 yet you finished and liked FC2? FC2 was a hell of a lot more boring and repetitive than FC3.

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MmaFan-Qc2159d ago

"Why I Stopped Playing Far Cry 3"
"The Walking Dead Is Not For Me"

Beastforlifenoob2159d ago

lucky i reead the article and they even put a Far cry 2 picture in their with no apparent reason...

Reverent2159d ago

Also, I thought Voss was the game's main villain, not this Hoyt fellow. Fail article..

TheRealSpy2159d ago

It's a fail article because you don't know who the main antagonist in the game is?

IAmLee2159d ago

Everytime I see an opinion piece like this, this is always my first thought;

MRMagoo1232159d ago

I love far cry 3 its sooooo much better than far cry 2, i dont understand this article at all its just stupid. Same knowyourstuff there are so many ways to tackle the games objectives.

TheRealSpy2159d ago there aren't.

There are 2 main ways to tackle an object (like taking over a stronghold): Stealth and Guns blazing. If you want, you can toss in opening an animal cage.

You could approach objectives in Far Cry 2 the same way...minus the animals.

MRMagoo1232158d ago

maybe you just suck at the game then hmm ? I can think of about 20 diff ways to take over a base depending on what is in the near vicinity of it.

cooksauce2159d ago

Why I never read this article... This game is awesome front to end

showtimefolks2159d ago

2 issues I have with the game

Frame rate on consoles and screen tearing
And my biggest issue the 1st person driving, I mean it's good for those who like it but atleast give me a operation to switch the camera angle

You have to drive a lot in this game and for me personally it got really irritating

MariaHelFutura2158d ago

My only issues w/ Farcry 3 is the second island is way to easy, that disguise wrecked it. Aside from that, it`s my favorite game of 2012.

Sucitta2158d ago

Lots of children with ADHD, have issues with cut-scenes in games. They annoy and bore them.

This writer is one of those douche bags.. He was so bored with the 5min cinematics that he wrote a mess of text on why he had had enough..

People like this have never even seen good films.. For they are not able to stay awake during them.

Imagine this idiot playing Mass Effect lol

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R_aVe_N2159d ago

The real question is "Why would we care?"

vallencer2159d ago

Why would you stop playing right at the end of the game.....???? I don't care how bad a game has gotten if I'm near what I think is the end I push through. But far cry 3 is amazing so no forced pushing was involved.

Lovable2159d ago

I do that in pretty much the majority of the game I play. I usually get bored before the end...I don't know why, but it sure give me incentive to keep replaying it haha

specsmatter2159d ago

This game is definitely overated imo anyway. I have played a total of two hours and just like any other open world game its just full of a huge open space, few enemies, and repetitious sub missions and missions.

It is beyond me how this game received 9 and 10's when the mp is so garbage. The graphics are grainy, the mp design and animations are garbage and the red lazer kill cam is so badly done. Not to mention you can hardly get into an online game because the servers suck.

I get it the sp for some may be good and i admit they did try to add diversity as opposed to other open world games i also dislike, but come on the mp should have dropped the game down to like a 7. Games like Starhawk that are known for mp get thrashed by some reviewers for its weak sp, but almost all reviewers for Far Cry 3 just gave it a pass and didnt even factor in the mp? Wow!!!!

Allsystemgamer2159d ago

If ur playing fc3 do the mp ur doing it wrong

Janitor2159d ago

What you said. I tried it because it was there, sucked. But I look at it like a bonus. Doesn't take away from the awesome single player. Also, article is bad, and whoever wrote it should feel bad.

krazykombatant2159d ago

they decided to tag multiplayer on its an added feature doesn't mean they should still get a free pass if they do some garbage work on it. I will agree it is horrendous graphics and the story for me its subpar, the only thing that FarCry3 has going for it is the gameplay and that slowing getting tiring for me at least.

Hufandpuf2159d ago

Then why was the map editor and multiplayer the strongest in FC2? I don't see anyone praising FC2's singleplayer. Also FC3 includes the map editor, Co Op and Multiplayer, so to skimp on 50% of a game is not acceptable.

Trenta272159d ago

You played for two hours. I don't think you have a right to criticize the game like that. While I haven't tried the MP exactly, the co-op is incredibly fun.

aliengmr2159d ago

So you prefer MP games and didn't like FC3. So how is it "overrated"?

I get that you didn't like it, but that doesn't mean its overrated.

specsmatter2159d ago

who said i prefer mp games? lol i def didnt buy fc3 for mp but the fact remains the mp is atrocious and the game should score less bcus of that. Reviewers should base reviews off all aspects.

Secondly ive put several hours into sp and found it boring and redundant kike most open world games.

Sorry these ppl shouldnt get a pass, if you make a mp do it right, if not dont do it at all. Too many games have been scored down for having a weak component in their game so their shouldnt be an exception.

The same was done with max payne 3 overhyped and under delivered evethough i loved the sp

creeping judas2159d ago

@ specsmatter, perhaps you shouldn't buy any more open world games? You just don't seem to enjoy them at all. Just saying, if you dislike them, why buy or even try them?

deafdani2159d ago

Your comment gives me the impression that you flat-out dislike open world games. If that's the case, then you disliking Far Cry 3 doesn't mean anything to me. Just because someone doesn't like a certain genre of games, doesn't mean said genre is bad, and it looks like you just dislike Far Cry 3 for being a sandbox, not because it's actually garbage.

Lou Ferrigno2159d ago

whoa now.. The MP is freaking AWESOME too,don't dare talk down on such a rewarding experience like that .. Of course the meat is the amazing SP but still.. everything about this game is strait up badass. =)

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FoxHound_2159d ago

Whoever wrote this article is insane.

vallencer2159d ago

Have I ever told you the def.....too easy.