PSXExtreme: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Preview

Arnold Katayev of PSXExtreme writes: Recently, Capcom has sent PSX Extreme a nearly complete build of Lost Planet for the PlayStation 3. Now, admittedly, I never played the Xbox 360 version, and the reactions I've heard were rather mixed. So my expectations were uncertain. I've been spending some time with it for the past few days, and I'm still not very sure on what to think.

If you enjoyed the Xbox 360 game, you'll likely enjoy the PS3 version more, as it features a host of extras - such as all of the downloadable and extra content from the Xbox 360 and PC versions. That includes the Resident Evil 4 camera view, extra maps, and extra characters (Mega Man, Frank West, Joe). Furthermore, Luka is a playable character for the PlayStation 3 version, as well.

Visually, Lost Planet features some iffy textures, as well as a framerate that becomes rather cumbersome in the snowier portions of the game. The image quality is fairly clean and doesn't sport any annoying aliasing issues, or screen tearing. But I don't always feel like I'm looking at a next-generation title when playing Lost Planet. Perhaps the game simply isn't aging very well, after all, the graphics engine is about two-years old.

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Kleptic3887d ago

Why is Capcom even bothering with this? won't sell well...I have yet to meet one PS3 owner that was actually hoping to get a port of this...and, like mentioned in the article, the engine is not aging very didn't look that good on the 360 a year ago...and looks no better on the PS3 now...

Dear Capcom,
show more of RE5. Make bionic commando better than what we are anticipating. and announce Dead Rising 2. Other than that, please stop talking.