Gears of War impressions from the 'Match Made in Hell' event

Three gaming blogs have gotten their hands on Gears of War and have their full impressions up. For the most part, it seems as though more things went right with the game than went wrong. It also looks like the way in which the buttons work in game isn't 100% flawless. Without further ado, here are some snippets from their impressions:

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UrbanJabroni5898d ago

"The best thing about Gears though had to be that fact that it was a breeze to pick up and play. The controls were perfect and felt as if they needed no tweaking whatsoever"

"I was at the Event in Chicago. The game played remarkably well. I had no problems with the chainsaw as some people keep saying. Some people bicth because they dont know how to use something"

"I was among the very first group of 8 who got to play Gears of War multiplayer for the very first time, and I am here to put any doubts to rest about how this game is anything less then amazing."

headblackman5898d ago

yeah,yeah,yeah,yatta,yatta,yat ta, just give me my damn copy of gears of war and stfu already. we still want the game :/ there isnt anything that anyone could say that will give this game bad press. it's too strong right now :)