Chance to play COD3 Weeks before Launch.

"Answer a simple Call of Duty® 3 question for a chance to join Activision either in West London (October 24th) or in Birmingham (Oct 26th) playing Call of Duty® 3 on Xbox 360. TWENTY winners will be invited to attend and get the chance to play BOTH single play and Multi-play games weeks ahead of the official launch date!"
UK Only!

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Marriot VP5905d ago

they should of waited with COD3, and not try to capitalize on the launches of the consoles again.

They should of waited to make this true next gen and not an upgrade, just my opinion. It's less than a year after, it's just way too soon.

TheXgamerLive5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

True game play will tell the tail.

If development began before the XBOX 360 release of COD2, then just maybe it's matured into a great game, but reguardless we'll all find out soon enough.

LOL, I'm sure it will be better than the Outfit. Ohh, did I say that?

DISCIPLE1115905d ago

Its gonna b good regardles
and it looks better imo
not 2 mention the huge upgrade in online multiplayer capablities