Goodbye Youth - The End Of The PS2.

This Is My Joystick NEW Celebrity Games Columnist OJ Borg Laments The Death Of The PS2.

The power of the PS2 was the social aspect; that dragged Gamers in. Nowadays we don’t need to see, smell or entertain our friends as we have Xbox Live and the shabby PS3 online thing, but back then, we used to have to be in the same room to play these games. This wasn’t a new thing, but the games just made it all-encompassing.

Games like Tekken Tag Tournament were great for a night of lazy boozing and gaming. Track and Field with a Multi-Tap was where we would give different names to the competition, depending on who was there (“AAA” if it was the poorer player’s, right up to an Olympics once every four weeks). We even had a little drugs scandal, when we decided to ban the use of socks on fingers to help mash the buttons.

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Jek_Porkins4061d ago

The PS2 was a once in a lifetime machine, but honestly I hadn't seen a new one available here in the states in almost 5 years. The news that they have ceased production worldwide is basically symbolic.


Xbox 360 Turns 18: Three Cheers to Live, Halo, and Red Rings

The Xbox 360 launched in North America 18 years ago, and is now officially old enough to buy you a drink in Europe.

darthv7293d ago

Great platform, and many of its games (not bc) still hold up well to this day. Like the PS3, I keep a 360 hooked up for those games you can't play any other way.

isarai93d ago

The last gasp of greatness from XBox, you are missed, except the RROD that was lame, but amazing exclusives until the Kinect dropped.

TheBrainZ93d ago

So many brilliant games. I still have one stored somewhere.

LG_Fox_Brazil93d ago

I really enjoyed my X360, some great exclusives on it. Used to play the shit out ot Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, two masterpieces


Xbox Live Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary Today

It's been 20 years to the day since Xbox Live brought online play to consoles.

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darthv72464d ago

I remember when Live turned five and they had special edition controllers made and everything. Kind of wished they would do that again for the 20th.

Orchard464d ago

Happy Birthday. OG XBL (and later 360 XBL) really revolutionized online gaming on console.

Crows90464d ago

Never understood the obsession with live...but I was gaming online on PC so not sure too much of what live did that the PlayStation didn't.

Profchaos463d ago

I had a PS2 and it's online experience was fine but it didn't have the same level of polish voice chat never worked for me but I was trying to play from Australia where not many people played PS2 online to the point where many devs simply dropped the online mode from the pal version.
That's not all PS2 games mind you there were plenty that worked perfectly but it was more on the dev and not the platform

During that era I also played a fairly large amount on online PC games and they were undoubtedly better than both systems. PS2 from functionality and Xbox because it was free

Playing my friends original Xbox it was a really polished experience it felt robust yet simple things just worked there was zero config.

Crows90463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Yeah but the time ps3 came the experience was the same on both based on what I played...not too much online though to be honest. But I do think that the xbox did help bring online into the console space a lot. As well as PC games to consoles.

Profchaos463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Today would of been the perfect day to drop halo 2 the original bc version free on gwg.... If only


Original Xbox Live 1.0 set to be revived via free third-party servers

Xbox Live 1.0, the first instance of online servers for the original Xbox, is set to return via Insignia, a free third-party service that's currently compatible with 20 titles, such as Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Counter-Strike.

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Blashted487d ago

Lobbies, Matchmaking, Leaderboards, Voice Chat, Content Downloads, Friends Lists, all set to return

Blashted487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Halo 2 set to come later as it requires additional services to run online.

Beta sign ups available now with beta launch of 11/15/22. Certain features of XBL will roll out over the future.

Father__Merrin486d ago

How will this be playable on Xbox?

TheColbertinator486d ago

Let's tune in back to Crimson Skies HRR

Bnet343485d ago

Rainbow Six 3 and Phantasy Star Online Ep1&2. Things were so simple back then :'(