NBA 2K7 ReelMaker Hits Marketplace

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likeaboss3026434d ago

I era of free goodies from the developer for buying the game is over. I'm really starting to hate marketplace.

The Milkman6434d ago (Edited 6434d ago )

I love the market place but I dislike the developers that misuse it. But the only big rip off I've heard yet has been coming from EA.

UrbanJabroni6434d ago

I actually think it is a pretty cool feature.

It really is the sort of thing that should be included, at no cost, with the game.

It is time developers start to figure out what marketplace is for...they've had a year of data now.

likeaboss3026434d ago

Problem is they have a year of data that people buy things that should be free so why stop you know?

LuminousAphid6433d ago

If people buy this, it is going to start developers on the path to creating incomplete games and releasing features later that you need to pay more for. You already paid $60 for the game, which is $10 more than the last gen versions, and now they want you to pay an extra $5 for something that's probably already included in the other versions? I didn't really think this would happen with the marketplace, but now I see that it is entirely possible and we, the gamers, need to tell the developers that we won't buy into it.

Of course, it doesn't matter if even 1 person buys this from the marketplace, they still made money off it by not including it, or at least broke even, so it won't stop. The only way to stop it is to stop buying the games that turn out doing this; publishers and devs will listen when their warehouses remain packed with incomplete games.


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R3D_STAR4203d ago

I remember when the Simpsons game released, the Start Achievement was funny. Now, looking back, it seems lazy. Hah.

BLAKHOODe4203d ago

I clicked on this article for the sole purpose of making sure The Simpson's "press start" achievement was included. If it weren't, the article would have no merit whatsoever.


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