Pokemon X and Y - Gender Differences, Coordinates, and Pokemon Z

The Japanese logos and the very implementation of the titles "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" might point to gender differences and a high probability of the existence of "Pokemon Z."

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Root3017d ago

Think I'll wait for Pokemon Z

Pillsbury13017d ago

Pokemon zombies?! Count me in!

-Gespenst-3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Hmmm, gender differences is a risky route to go. Co-ordinates would allow for a Pokemon Z which would be cool.

But spatial coordinates? Kind of boring. Plus Pearl was kind of the "space" game.

Maybe they have something to do with mathematics, not necessarily space...

EDIT: Actually, I see DNA strands in the second image. I guess it does refer to chromosomes and biological ancestors and stuff. (Oh wait the article mentions this)