Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory Preview at GamingExcellence

GamingExcellence was recently given an opportunity to take a test drive of Fireglow's upcoming third addition to the Sudden Strike series, a near-complete build getting ready to ship out next month. For those unfamiliar with the series, it's a real-time strategy franchise, with an emphasis placed on realistic war combat. The game takes us you through key battles in the Second World War, including Iwo Jima (on both sides of the fight) and the Battle of Normandy, among others.

Sudden Strike 3 isn't your typical real-time strategy release; you won't find any traditional resource gathering or base building. It's heavily oriented around unit micromanagement and strategic tactics, learning how to use cover, flank, soften up, and outwit the enemy. It's a slow paced extremely strategic game, which looks to improve upon many elements of the previous two iterations.

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