GTA IV 'Official' Map - Debunked

Two stories published on claimed the 'Official' GTA IV map had been discovered, misleading numerous gamers into believing it to be fact.

The truth is the 'official map' is actually an extremely detailed fan made map, created by 'GTA IV Dude' on from the outline on the GTA IV website.

here is what he has to say on the topic:

"EDIT: Sorry for the fuzz guys, I just had to see all the reactions, this is not my first fan map, but it is the first time I present a map like this. I hope you´re not upset with me as it wasn´t meant to be taken deathly serious, I hope you enjoy the map though!"

Hit the jump to check it out!

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power of Green 3891d ago

The only people misslead are the trigger happy PS3 fanboys abusing their approving rights lol. Every single one of the approvers are Sony fanboys. Whats the big deal Sony fanboy contributors post the same type of news.

The Contributor that posted this tried to pull some sh*t off on purpose yesterday.

SUP3R3891d ago

How much do you get paid by Microsoft for every retarded post you make?
The more stupid you sound, the more you get?

Ri0tSquad3891d ago

POG, hop off M$ already, it's getting so old.

light3891d ago

My wife is anti this game. I won't able to play this game. She says, its bad influence :(

HBK6193891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Your wife won't let you play!


BachelorBrit3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

That is pretty pathetic if true wheres your balls? You do indeed sound p**** whipped. You should be able to play whatever you want and do whatever you want. I guess marriage is like jail though you're trapped.

How is this map classed as official? It's just a fan made map, a good one but not official by any means.

gta_cb3891d ago

man i feel sorry to hear that, and not trying to rub it in but i will be playing this game on both consoles =p hehe.

rushbd3891d ago

you made me post here. the first: that's right:

You suck. what has this story has to do with sony? Why dont you get a fuking life.

gta_cb3891d ago

the only thing that links it to Sony are the "Sony fanboy contributers" like he said. He didnt actually blame anything onto Sony just some members here who he classes as "Sony fanboys" i have no comment on weather they are or not as i havnt checked who has approved this story.

Rattles3891d ago

and im thinking the map will be abit smaller

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The story is too old to be commented.