Destructoid Review: Lost Odyssey

Despite having a range of different genres, the Xbox 360 cannot seem to stop itself being associated with shooters. It's true that shooting games seem most at home on Microsoft's red ring machine, but the platform is certainly attempting to provide a variety of gameplay experiences. One area in which it has sorely been lacking is JRPGs -- scratch that -- good JRPGs.

Enchanted Arms was a flop, Blue Dragon is widely regarded as disappointing and Eternal Sonata, though an excellent stopgap, was not without its glaring faults and left fans wanting something more. Well, something more has arrived and it's come in the form of Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey.

Visually, Lost Odyssey is rather good looking, though not the prettiest title on the Xbox 360. There are nice effects, such as backgrounds and foregrounds moving in and out of focus as you move around the world, but ultimately it's nothing jaw dropping. The framerate issues are sadly true as well, with the 360 sometimes struggling to run it smoothly.

(Note 2 Scores were given by 2 reviewers. One was a 9, and the other was 8.)

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SuperSaiyan43889d ago

This is just slagging off the Xbox 360 and its games! Who approved this??!

The PS3 has just as many shooters, but shooting games are popular and the Xbox 360 is the ONLY console to have the most RPG's and exclusives ones at that.

Lucreto3888d ago

Its destructoid after all. It is a fanboy site so don't pay much attenton.

360 has a lot of games but the fan base is less open. Blue Dragon didn't sell too well neither did Lost Odyssey or Eternal Sonata. Lost Planet sold as it appealed to the shooter fan as the main weapon was the gun.

RPGs are far longer and cost more to make and they don't see profit for a lot longer.

Shooters on the other hand take less time to make and cost less and you can see they sell massively on 360.

Playstation has been the home of RPGs and Japan love RPGs so two Japanese products will sell well. Eternal Sonata will prove that.

ruibing3888d ago

You know this was actually a pretty lenient review/score for the game. It wasn't criticized nearly as much for its load time and performance glitches as in the other reviews.

Cyrus3653888d ago

Relax the review was pretty good on it in the end, and whether you like it or not, it's common knowledge that 360 is known as the "shooter" choice console, Wii is like the family friendly console, etc.

wardrox3887d ago

I'm guessing you haven't actually read the review then? It's a very positive review of the game. Please, rtfa before commenting again, same goes for you Lucreto.

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GODofDOOMS3888d ago

your forgetten the fact that xbox 360 had a year headstart