Is this a new design for Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot has been dormant for many years. The last mainline entry, Crash: Mind over Mutant, came out in 2008.

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Y_51504158d ago

Crash needs a reboot. I want to love a new Crash game or at least put the character on Playstation All stars.

Root4158d ago

I would love him in PSAS but he would have to be free...sorry but I'm not paying for the most requested character for that game.

Omar teased him since the day they revealed the game and even when the game went Gold he STILL teased him in interviews....why didn't he just say

"Sorry but we don't have him in the game"

instead of leading us on....they made it seem he and other requested characters were going to be secret characters.


Y_51504158d ago

Missing the point.
I want Crash to be in the game to show a little bit of good that the character is in today's games. Not a classic that will never make an triumph return. If we see Crash in this game, we will see the return of CRASH! That's what I want, to see Crash again. And I know you'll buy that DLC if it's Crash Bandicoot. Don't lie, your comment tells me that you really want him too.

Root4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

No...you don't know me

I actually stick to my guns unlike most people. If I say I'm not going to buy something I don't

Especialy when it comes to most DLC...

It's either free or I'll be Crash-less...dosen't bother me

If the DLC was someone like Ezio, Agent 47 or Duke Nukem then fair enough I wouldn't mind buying them if I wanted the DLC since they are characters that not many people had requested anyway but when it comes to characters that would of made this game 10 times better, I'd rather it be free.

Y_51504158d ago

Ok sorry for my poor judge of character. I see why you would go against DLC, it can sometimes screw us over content wise. Well the article does say it WILL be free so you will mostly be assured that you won't be Crashless when/if it arrives. :)

Derekvinyard134158d ago

root i agree with you he should be free

SilentNegotiator4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

They ruined Spyro, in gameplay and design.

(I apologize for not being politically correct enough for you, N4G, but I did not say anything offensive. I feel bad for whoever feels the need to take "offense" to that comment)

Hicken4157d ago

"why didn't he just say

"Sorry but we don't have him in the game"

instead of leading us on"

Probably because they were still in talks to HAVE these characters in the game?

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showtimefolks4158d ago

I hope Sony one day bys back this IP

RuperttheBear4157d ago

They never owned it in the first place.

Wagz224157d ago

If they charge for Crash DLC then seriously fuck playstation all stars. Purposely leaving out the most popular mascot for playstation, just no.

WeskerChildReborned4157d ago

Crash and Spyro both deserve comebacks.

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LOL_WUT4158d ago

Crash went downhill after Activision took over the IP. Till this day I still play the very first game.

Summons754158d ago

everything goes downhill after Activision takes it over...

Knight_Crawler4158d ago

Wow if being the number selling and most played game on the PS3 and 360 is called down hill then I do not want to know what you call games like Battle Royal and Alan Wake.

Stop being a hipster and give Activison credit for making Call of Duty the most popular game this gen.

Summons754158d ago


hipster has nothing to do with anything....Crash went to them and it went to the gutter, spyro....isn't even spyro now, call of duty....copy paste the game, Blizzard they've seen better days. Golden eye remake WAS a reskinned call of duty and let's not begin to talk about that new 007 game lol. It's the truth no matter how much it hurts.

Alan Wake was a great game and so is BAttle Royale. Those companies actually got funding and were given the researches to make great games. What's call of duty done for story lately? Copy every near future military story mush them together then Micheal Bay it? Now let's compare that to Alan Wake.....no comparison.

aPerson4158d ago

Activision's first Crash game was Mind over Mutant, released in 2008. The series dropped in quality long before Activision purchased the rights to the franchise.

ZombieNinjaPanda4158d ago


Something being "popular" doesn't make it good in anyway. Otherwise 2Chains would be the greatest "rapper" in the world.

Hipster, you keep using that word, I do not think it means, what you think it means.

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animegamingnerd4158d ago

sony needs to have both crash and spyro back

no_more_heroes4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

One of the first things I did after getting my ps3 last month (from 11x2 contest) is download Crash 1 and Spyro 3 ("never owned for myself" and "cd got lost somewhere" respectively). Not a bad substitute while I build my ps3 game library, I'd say.

If this is a new Crash, then I'm not entirely sold on how fat he looks here lol! Will obviously need to see a running game first. If it means a return to form for Crash games, however, then they can make him as chunky as they like!

Outside_ofthe_Box4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

It will be very hard for ANY new Crash game to live up to the original classics. I think it's best to stay as close to the original character design as possible though as that way more people would at least be willing to give the new game a chance.

NastyLeftHook04158d ago

it would be nice if they made crash 1,2,3,kart all in hd remastered for ps3 for 39.99. i would buy it!

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Root4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Urgh...what the hell


Seriously the designs get worse and worse

Just sell the IP to Sony, you know they want it and you know we want it.

They keep dumbing the franchises down to appeal to little kids....actually you know what they are probably going to try and do something with Crash like they did with Spyro and Skylanders.


Actually thinking about it for a bit do you think this might of been from the cancelled Crash game.

MultiConsoleGamer4158d ago

Or sell it to Nintendo.

Crash has more games on Nintendo hardware, if you count all the portable garbage.

fabod864158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Are you kidding me? Where were the best Crash ever made? On PSOne!

Edit - And you are also wrong about which company had the most release on.

Root4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Oh yeah...lets give it to Nintendo so they can also dumb it down for little kids.

Sorry but if it was the Nintendo before the Wii then I probably wouldn't mind as much but ever since the casual audience has been their main focus I just couldn't see them do Crash. It's the reason I wouldn't like the Nintendo of today do a Conker game if they were the ones to buy Rare.

Give it to the developers who made the classic games, the ones which made us fall in love with Crash....NaughtyDog.

Soplox4158d ago

NO! It belongs to Sony like Mario to Nintendo and Sonic to Sega.