Swedish Mag Suprises Rockstar and Steals a Helicopter

Grand Theft Auto IV is featured in this month's issue of Level in Sweden. The preview took place in London in January and lasted three hours.

In the preview the Swedish journalist in their first hand's on took Rockstar by complete surprise when they...

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gamesR4fun3894d ago

heh almost like they hired gamers to write about games what a concept.

ShinFuYux3894d ago

1: what happens when you crash into a building?

2: can you still skydive?

InMyOpinion3894d ago

The building probably remains intact while the helicopter breaks.

kingOVsticks3894d ago

You can't even steal helicopters in GTA4 0.o ohhohhohh those silly Swedish journalist

GIJeff3894d ago

you cant? that sucks..

xhi43894d ago

of course you can steal helicopters...all gta's you could steal helicopters.

These swedish journalists did........r u kidding or something?

kingOVsticks3894d ago

you can steal hellis i thought rockstar took it out because of the removal of aircrafts assuming they meant helicopters too. my bad ^_^

InMyOpinion3894d ago

"The massive weight of a car is something you really feel. Cars behave much more realistic than in previous games."

Exactly what I wanted to hear! The cars in the other games felt too light.

GIJeff3894d ago

is importing cars from GT5 into GTA4. gawd that would be heaven. perhaps replace niko with kratos...holy damn, that would be a good game.

InMyOpinion3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Lol! Gran Turismo 5 has worse car physics than GTA III. It's all about graphics. Forza 2 would be the better choice. If you had played it you would know. Why would you want to play as a greek god in GTA? Are you insane? Who should take Kratos place in God of War then. Harry Potter?

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