Bitbag: GTA IV DLC Setting the Record Straight posted bullets from the Microsoft Blogger Breakfast the other day and say some of the information about GTAIV Downloadable Content was taken out of context.

They rewrite the article, however stressing that the sanandreas/vice city like downloadable content was simply their opinion, and not fact at all.

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ATLRoAcH3888d ago

I knew that was taken out of context.It may be the play time equaled to those games but you won't be going to Vice City or San Andreas.We have two more GTAs this gen for that.

fallfast3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Do you have reading comprehension issues? Are you reading a different article than the rest of us?

Here ya go, read it again slow-like:

"A monkey could figure out that with GTAIV, they could release a GTAIV Palm Beach Stories and GTAIV New Jack City games strictly through downloads...You can expect this content to be huge. I’d say several gigs worth. Since there’s no manufacturing cost involved and the game could cost between $19-$29 dollars. Again, we aren’t talking new car and music downloads. This DLC will most likely be a huge assortment of missions and new areas opened up. It may even be a brand new storyline using the GTAIV engine. Also, you know that with GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas were released shortly after the first game. Expect the same to happen with GTAIV."

Here is a synopsis for the pretards:

The content is exclusive.
It will be Vice-City & San Adreas in scope.
It will be shortly after release.

And, if this is accurate, my PS3 goes to eBay. How could Sony screw up so badly.

gamesR4fun3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

barfs out another bs story
even the story about the bs on the first one is filled with bs

They have no info of any meaning at all just speculation but at least their not passing it off as fact this time.

Sure do hope ;they put out some [email protected] dlc even add to the map but Id be surprised if it was anything like another city just due to the fact its a dl and 360 owners are pretty limited on their hd's esp the core users.

moparful993888d ago

Fallfast its apparently you that has the reading comprehension dissorder. He clearly states that he was SPECULATING, he in no way confirms the dlc content just what he thinks the content will be. He was called out for it and now he's released this statement to clarify. Rockstar themselves have stated that the content will be a set of mission sets. That does not equal an entire game worth of content. Everyone needs to sit on their hands until microsoft or rockstar officially releases details outlining this content... If you get rid of your playstation to get a few extra missions to only mis out on MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and many more then I guess you and the 360 deserve each other......

Omegasyde3888d ago

EVERYTHING that bitbag was way out of proportion. You do realize that in this follow up article right.

Laments terms, Bitbag screwed up by having a opinion piece horrible writting out of context by one of thier editors.

So the GTA4 is still a MYSTERY. NO ONES KNOWS YET.

And if you are pist off about Sony not cranking 50 mill for "downloadable content", it was actually quite smart. 50 million could easilly fund 2 or even 3 great games. I know 50 million is chump change to MSFT, but I would of rather had 2 or 3 new games from Rockstar not "extra content".

kalel1143888d ago

Can tell the diference between fact and opinion? What you just posted was the writers opinion not fact. Maybe you should read the article again.

NEO_X3888d ago

Sorry but i have to disagree with you on this one.
Spending 50 mil on one game for extra content is dumb,
especially when you consider that about 65% (probably more) of people who buy GTA game never make it more than half way through the game

Lifendz3888d ago

before you up and ebay your PS3, please be aware that:

Phil Harrison stated he and R* are working on their own exclusive content for the PS3.

Right now NO ONE has played ANY of this DLC. So while it's going to be offered, none of us know exactly what it will be. It could be this or that or this is all people are saying. Lets wait a bit.

Keep in mind that these downloads are going to be huge. Like so big that most 360s (premimums) won't have room to hold both at the same time since after the OS you only have like 13 or 14 gigs left.

Relax guy. This game is huge. There's no way Sony and R* have nothing planned for PS3. After all, GTA III was a big hit on PS3 much like Geras was on 360. You don't just forget about that even though MS drove a dump truck of money up to R*'s office.

LastDance3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

fallfast- sell it now man. There are kids in africa starving and your going to throw a poopie coz of dlc? get you life into perspective.

Did that guy say a few gigs worth of DLC?. Devo if you got the arcade box. If you have enough time to finish gta games then you need to do something better with you life hahaha.

diatom3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Microsoft has a strict 150Mb limit on DLC (to fit on a memory card). I wonder how that is going to work with this... drop it and finally go HD required?

There is going to be some unhappy arcade users; but I guess thats what you get when you buy a 360 on the installment plan.

TheWickedOne3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )


So your going to ditch your PS3 b/c of a website called BitBag. Who already had one bad edit of this story and is not well known. I'm just going to sit tight and see what DLC comes out for both systems.

fusionboxer3887d ago

But I was never a huge fan of the GTA series anyway to really care too much about whether or not ps3 or 360 users get this or that type of DLC anyway.

The reasoning? It's always just seemed like a huge list of mini games disguised in the form of a satire of the real world. Sure it's a nice chill out game, but the shooting mechanics, fighting mechanics, and even driving mechanics just don't match up to those in other games that specialize in them.

Don't get me wrong though i'm definitely going to pick this one up, but i'm probably going to pass on the DLC because i'm sure that Rockstar will pack the original game with enough content to keep fans of the originals happy.

If not then i'm pretty confident in saying that i'd be pissed if they took content out of the game that they already had finished so that they could charge for it on xbox live.

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xhi43888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

as if they would recreate vice city and/or san andreas. Like in all honestly what a waste of resources!

It will be just more side missions, a new character comes in and do some more missions for him, maybe a few more cars etc.

Not another whole game!

If so, they'd release vice city or san andreas as GTA 4: Vice City or something until the next GTA 5 in the next generation.


(bubble me if you agree......cause i love dem burbles =D)

bozobucketeer3888d ago

x4hi - They make the point though that most games are made for less than 50 million dollars. So why would Micrsoft pay that kind of change for a few missions and some cars? I do doubt it'll be like VC or SA, but theres no way it can only be some side missions and cars. I mean seriously, would you pay 10 million bucks for a volvo?

xhi43888d ago

but its 25 million for each episode.

each episode i'm geussing will be around 8 hours of gameplay.

8 hours of gameplay is a fair ammount.

But not another whole city! It will most probably be a mixture of things, such as new character, cars, plot line etc.

Just not another whole city....seriously.

masterg3888d ago


We can look at it from your angle, and you might be right.
But there is another angle.

MS was willing to pay $50mill even though it did not guarantee them a lot of content, because they wanted to do anything just to have the superior/complete version. To try and make PS2 owners switch to the 360 instead of the PS3.

moparful993888d ago

Hmm another angle as well is the advertising of the game. Microsoft came out and said we will "Own the launch of gtaiv." I am willing to wager that a large portion of that 50mil is an effort for microsoft to market the game. Im sure rockstar will have their own marketing agency handling the advertising but will also have the 360, microsoft, and live logos displayed with the game. People sit here and speculate that $50 mil equals a guranteed amount of content. There is no gurantee with a money hat, chances are it took that much to sway rockstar into even doing exclusive content. Again time will tell whether microsoft wasted that money or if it was worth its effort......

bozobucketeer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Yeah, I'm hopeful it's another city, but my reasonable side doubts it. What you said about 8 hours of gameplay would sound the most likely thing.
@moparful - I'm sure there's some sort of contract indicating what will be in the content. 50 million dollars is a lot of money to give to someone and then say, "I sure hope you don't screw us on this. Thanks."

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power of Green 3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

He's not setting anything straight his theory is just is valid as the one he's setting straight.

This is his understanding of the info. No proof of it being real or a missunderstanding one way or the other.

Sony fanboys are trying to comfort themselfs for no practical reason. Convincing a few rabid PS3 fanboys like *xhi4* isn't going to change the fact the Exclusive content is going to much more than some simple DLC. lol, doesn't make sense to fight the 50 million dollars worth of content; more than the game itself. lol

No getting around the almost sub sequels worth of content not coming to PS3.

I feel sorry for fanboys like xhi4 trying to mask the the better choice.

What kind of idiot would assume 50 million would secure some extra missions and new charactors even Bitbag is saying it won't be whole games worth of content but much more than what xhi4 is spewing. lol

Anything but Cute3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

You really think that these expansions are gonna be = to Vice City and San Andreas?

Those were not expansions, those were full fledged games. You think Rockstar is gonna release full fledged sequels to GTA IV months apart from each other? and downloadable on XBOX live?

thats like saying GTA 5 and GTA 6 will be PSN exclusives.

It was obviously a misunderstanding or Microsoft PR spin up the ass.

Don't let your fanboyism hit you in the ass on your way out. P*ssy

Goodnight and kiss my ass. This article takes all of yesterdays momentum away.

Homicide3888d ago

HAHAHAHA! You're banned from the Gamer zone POG. lulz

Hatchetforce3888d ago

Sony gets two exclusives from Rockstar while 360 fans get this DLC. Enjoy it while it lasts because it won't. I wouldn't buy it out of principle because it should have been on that lousy excuse for a storage medium called DVD9 in the first place.

Even Rockstar said they had to trim the game because of the 360 restrictions with DVD 9. Add to that no DLC ever was as good as the original game.

It comes out what, like a month later at the first of June? What PS3 fan is going to give a crap about GTA come the first part of June.

heyheyhey3888d ago

still doesn't change the fact that M$ are complete suckers

that 50mil is funding two R* PS3 exclusives

your spot on Hatchetforce

until official details get released i don't think anyone can judge

31andstillgamin3888d ago

I love the series and want all content available, i'm not gonna spend whatever a 360 cost to get it but I still want it! I agree the 360 has the best version hands down and before I get shot down I LOVE playstation and don't want any other brand!! You just have to admit 360 has the best gtaIV available. on a more personal note I've been reading your posts for a few weeks and I wish you would change your avatar back cuz your making me hate Obama(and I'm black)!!!

Fat Bastard3888d ago

Harry Potter will be using the $60 it costs for these useless side quests on a full game, probably Resistance 2. He thinks the dumb 360 vermin won't enjoy a few extra missions as much as a full game like Resistance 2, though they both cost the same. Harry Potter will also laugh while playing La Noire and GTA 5 while the 360 vermin wait for another Halo game or Gears game to boast about. Harry Potter also thinks power of green is just stupid and may be under the imperius curse. He didn't know a normal muggle could be so extremely retarded.

Avada Kedavra!

GETPWNED3888d ago

Yeah, Osama--I mean--Obama is a f*cking moron. Ron Paul was the best. Down with the Zionist NWO.

Pain3887d ago

Save your Breath for some NEEDED air to your oxygen starved brain kid.

xbox dlc wont and i mean Will Not mean Sh!t to 75% of the people that will buy it, just the kids on live.

The rest will use there $$$ for other games or weed not extra story thats NOT part of the main.

spew crap all you want or make crap up like the other bots, DLC 2 sticking lil epesiods wont help
RROD box this years or next or ever.

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Hydrollex3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

No thanks ! GTA series are already full of missions.

and they havnt show us the PS3 version. Maybe it will look better.


EDIT: NEVERRRRRRRRRR Think about NEw Cities ! Xbox 360 has 20GB HD and this already sounds like a 5GB DLC. and not all people have Elite

xhi43888d ago

shown the ps3 version....twice.

The first time to PSM3 UK and the second most recent time was to PSM3 France. They both said that their was no framerate issues, it ran extremely smoothing, the uk people said that they did see once the popping effect, but rockstar assured them theyd iron it out before release. The french PSM3 people also stated the framerate was extremely smooth and no popping or clipping etc. They couldn't find anything wrong with the ps3 version. Both were hands-on. So yeah.

Oh and they've stated to the psm3 guys both versions will be identical, neither will be better than the other. So ps3 wont be better than 360 and vise versa.

Hope that helps mate!

Hydrollex3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

PS3 version graphicly will be better and it will have better FPS

1- Cell
2- Blu-ray

captainjy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"PS3 version graphicly will be better and it will have better FPS

1- Cell
2- Blu-ray"

What an idiot! You should be banned for even thinking you can get by with typing that garbage. You know damn well that the 360 is the lead platform and BD has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Think before you post or at least learn a little something before you look like a complete idiot, hydroflex.

Look Phonyites, face it- you are getting the inferior version of GTA. There's just no way to sugarcoat it. Your box sucks, the company that makes it sucks and all you really have is Dome and Trophies. Good hunting, girls!

Pain3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

And Yes PS3 veriosn will Look and Play beter, why do you think its been 360 footage all the time hmmm?
Cuz when u Compare them PS3 looks beter in every way.

Cell = more Power for More to happing on screen and keeping fps more stable and clean.
Bluray = More Information on the disc ,that means MORE detail posible Kids. Devs said it them selfs.

More detail, bigger worlds, need bigger Disc's and DVD9 dose Not cut it. go back to dream world.

Lair is a GREAT example of what Blu dose for you HAve you seen that game @1080p?????!!!! HOLY DETAIL!!

Oh and saying 360 is lead SKU for GTA??? lol you Moron kid, R* stated back 07 that PS3 is the lead sku for GTA,

They dont want 360's crappy hardwher + dvd9 to hold back this game. go back to your Bookmarks