Every controller ever produced by Microsoft, and where to find them

Oh man, we love us some 360 controllers. They fit any size hands, unlike the Sony controllers, and despite the less-than-stellar stock d-pad they’re a dream to use. But it’s not just about functionality, it’s about collectability. And with 31 official Microsoft controllers to hunt down there’s no shortage of game for the hunter.

So without further ado we present the 31 Microsoft produced controllers: row by row, left to right.

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Wikkid6662301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Deceitful title! Every MS Xbox 360 controller yes... every MS controller no.

Wikkid6662301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

LOL... a disagree! I wonder who that could have been????

Looks like girlfrommars has friends!

cee7732301d ago

yea wheres the duke that xbox controller was a behemoth, the last player had to play with duke :( in my house lol good times non the less


2301d ago