Epic President: UT 2003 was a Misstep

While speaking on what went right with the recently released Unreal Tournament 3, Epic Games President Mike Capps revealed a sentiment not at all unfamiliar to long-time UT gamers: "Unreal Tournament 2003 was a misstep."

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TheIneffableBob3943d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 as well.

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mikeslemonade3943d ago

I love UT3 and since I got the game i've been trying to sell COD4. I don't think I will stop playing UT3 until UT4 comes out.

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OC Shock Value3943d ago

Yea UT3 is outstanding.. My most played PS3 game by far..

name3943d ago

I prefer call of duty 4. Just because I'm a realism nut. Also I've met alot of really cool people on there. :)

Skerj3943d ago

They said UT 2003 not UT3, 2003 did suck. Except I liked bombing run.

Omegasyde3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

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Mark Reins Missing Checklist 11/22/07:

1) Fix Co-op Issues
2) Fix aliasing problem with 4 player splitscreen
3) Introduce new code for VOIP, with option for free talk.
4) Mods.
5) Rewrite Scripting and improve latency.

Note to self: Mods first, Scrap the rest if not enough time.
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The story is too old to be commented.