1UP Previews Secret Agent Clank

1UP writes: "Six long years after Insomniac's Lombax-and-robot duo first rocketed to platforming superstardom, beloved sidekick Clank finally lands his own headlining role in Secret Agent Clank. So what if he's only been thrust into the spotlight because his furry partner has landed in the slammer? Clank's deadpan delivery and rapier wit have always overshadowed Ratchet's bland brand of heroism, so this PSP outing should vault the lovable robot out of his perpetual second-banana status. And the Clank you're controlling here -- clad in the tuxedo-style paint job from his popular Holovision serial Secret Agent Clank -- now has an arsenal befitting a true leading man.

Fundamentally, the game plays like the previous Ratchet titles, blending melee combat (the vicious martial art of Clank Fu) with a variety of zany, upgradeable firearms (including a ray that transforms foes into pigs). Despite the initially familiar trappings, Secret Agent Clank breaks from the franchise's mold by integrating a hefty amount of spy-centric gameplay. Like a tiny metallic James Bond, Clank employs plenty of wondrous toys: Our brief demo featured a homing razor bowtie, rocket boots, and an ink-squirting pen perfectly suited for disabling laser security systems".

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