1UP Reviews Commanders: Attack of the Genos

1UP writes: "Forget Battalion Wars. If you're in need of a big-screen version of Advance Wars, Commanders: Attack of the Genos is it; the setup is a near direct rip-off of Nintendo's portable series (which in turn, ripped off many games before it). In Commanders, you capture income-producing structures and unit-producing bases in order to pump out an army that will, turn by turn, take out opposing forces. The traditional rock-paper-scissors-style combat is thoroughly familiar here -- aircraft can take out ground troops, antiair guns can take out aircraft, artillery cannons can take out long-range targets (but are screwed when a foe gets up close), etc. It's just too bad that Commanders does very little to differentiate itself other than have all movement and combat based on movement points rather than on a set range of motion -- if you choose not to move an infantry unit, you can save up its movement points to squeeze in a second attack instead, which does affect strategy in small ways".

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