Commanders: Attack of the Genos Review (XboxOZ360)

'With a plethora of Xbox Live Arcade games available you would think that every genre would have been covered, well for those strategy fans among us there was still a gaping hole in the XBLA line-up, until now. Commanders: Attack of the Genos is a turn-based strategy game developed by SouthEnd Interactive and Published by Sierra Online.

Players familiar with this genre will be right at home with the setup of Commanders, you have a designated base which is used to build various units whilst collecting resources to fund the manufacture of more units. These units all have their strengths and weaknesses ect, infantry are strong against other infantry but susceptible to scouts, elements which must be taken into account when moving around the field. Movement is based on a grid system, the map is basically made up of little squares with each unit designated a set amount of points for either movement or attack (or both).

You will find the basic premise used by many turn based strategy games here but where Commanders differs is in its application of the commander unit (go figure). The commander unit has both an active and passive power, these powers are unique for each commander, with numerous commanders becoming available throughout the campaign. After the commanders battle gauge is filled they can unleash their specialized powers, selecting the right commander is paramount to a missions success..."

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gaminoz3836d ago

This looks like it could be a fun little game. I'm really pleasantly surprised at how many strategy games are making it to 360. I can't wait to buy Civilization Revolution after playing the demo.