1UP Reviews Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements

1UP writes: "Far too many glitches and debilitating control issues cloud Dark Messiah Might and Magic: Elements, making it hard to find even a semblance of fun buried within. It exhibits the telltale signs of a gaming disaster: a stuttering framerate even when enemies aren't onscreen, load times that are not only lengthy but far too frequent, and enemy health bars so out of whack a small spider takes as much effort to bring down as a fully-armed Vampire Knight. Along with these usual suspects wanted for dragging a game down, Dark Messiah has its own special problems. I thought I had found my topper when an attacking solider ran up to me and screamed, "Hey, pal!" before trying to kill me, but inappropriate scriptwriting seems par for the course in a game introduced by a grammatically incorrect title -- shouldn't there be an "of" in "Dark Messiah Might and Magic: Elements"?"

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InYourMom3889d ago

like this need to go out of business. Stop putting out shovelware/crap onto the 360 platform, this is next-gen we expect that kind of experience, especially when it comes with a next-gen price tag.

Frame rate problems, hiccups, poor controls are absolutely unexcusable. I knew this game was going to be garbage the minute I saw the first gameplay video.

imbethshusband3889d ago

I have played the game and i think your comments are unjustified.