Neo Geo X Software Review

"This time we go over the software for the Neo Geo X system including the limited edition "Ninja Master's" game card. Is it worth owning or does emulation just prove to be the better option?" -

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Knushwood Butt2303d ago

'Too many fighting games'.

Er, yeah, it's the Neo Geo....

eindeadmiles2303d ago

SNK did produce quite a lot of non-fighting games as well.

morkendo232303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Is it worth owning or does emulation prove to be better???

HELL NOOOOOOO nothing stand out from physical disc.

edit: be nice if NEO GEO back in gaming competition with competitive pricing 250-350.00

WE need more than FPS and multiplayer only games SHEESH!!

eindeadmiles2303d ago

Here's the counter to your argument, none of these games are physical but built in to the system. So yeah I'm all for variety and physical media but there isn't any with this system.