New GTAIV Screenshot

A new screenshot has surfaced at which shows Niko sporting a pair of Roy Orbisons whilst in position to snipe.

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Snukadaman3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

lucky i got a xbox

Yi-Long3891d ago

... and the difference will probably be minor.

Ah well, both versions will have it's pros and cons.
The 360 has the DLC, which could be nice (although I'm not a big fan of paying for DLC), and the PS3 has the Hard Drive, which might mean a smoother experience if the developers have managed to take full advantage of the PS3.

If Microsoft wants everyone to buy the 360 version, they should drop a bombshell and announce that the upcoming DLC will be FREE.

Personally though, I'll wait for the reviews of both versions, before I decide which one to buy. Also, cesnorship is a huge point for me. If one version is censored, I will 100% NOT buy that version. If both versions are censored, I will wait for the PC version and wait till that one is fixed by the modding community

tethered3890d ago

@ Yi-Long
Where do you live that you have to worry about censorship?

I agree with the bombshell thing with free DLC.
I'm sure Microsoft wont do that but it would be huge if they did.

Yi-Long3891d ago

...Just finding a nice rooftop, sitting down with my sniper-rifle, and just having fun with the great physics-engine they have included in the game, so I wanna shoot pedestrians 3 blocks away in different bodyparts, or just shoot out a tire and watch the vehicle veer into the unsuspecting pedestrians, etc etc :)

I love sniping in games :)

Johnny Cullen3891d ago

I swear I've seen it before =S

Pauloitis3891d ago

Rockstar announced a few weeks back that the DLC for 360 will be extra missions, the PS3 version will still have DLC, could be vehicles, outfits or whatever, just not extra missions.

The Milkman3891d ago

They might be extra missions, but does these extra missions unlock alot of special things in the game? We dont know maybe it allows you to unlock a little private island, or perhaps new places in the city. Maybe even bigger than that, but the game has not even been released yet to give any info of the DLC.

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