Top 5 Downloadable Games of 2012

"To be clear, by “downloadable” we mean games that are exclusively (or at least launched exclusively) available on online stores. So while you now can go ahead and download almost any AAA title on Steam or Xbox 360′s Games on Demand service if you want, retail games are excluded here."

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OneAboveAll3679d ago

Let's let this stupid slender fad die before it get's started yea?

MmaFan-Qc3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

4-Mark of the Ninja
3-Hotline Miami
1-Walking Dead

Chuk53680d ago

Hotline Miami isn't on that list, but american nightmare is?
I see.

coolbeans3680d ago

I personally haven't played Hotline Miami but I'm not exactly sure why American Nightmare should be the go-to title to slam the entire list.

I suppose the thing that makes me hold AW's AN in higher regard was the fact that it successfully funneled gameplay/graphical components into what made the original an exemplary $60 title for a quarter of the price. Try stepping back for one moment and compare it with what's been done to the DL TPS in year's past. There's that sense of archaic structure when I personally compare it to...something like Monday Night Combat.

MrAnderson3680d ago

Legend of Grimrock should have been on there or at least runner up.

sarydactl3680d ago

Fez and Journey, woo! Soundshapes could have used a mention, but I suppose there's only so much space > v<

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The story is too old to be commented.