Preview - Alan Wake

Shown off behind closed doors at last week's X06 by Remedy's lead writer Sam Lake, the 20 minute presentation gave us a glimpse at what could easily turn out to be the game of 2007. Following on from the impressive taster we were given at E3 2005, the Remedy chaps once again reminded us that Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller set in a sleepy Pacific North-western town. Heavily inspired by Stephen King and Twin Peaks, the plan is to craft a movie-like atmosphere, but structure the game like a television series, complete with episodic progress and cliffhangers...

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zypher6439d ago

i'd heard somewhere that the video shown for this game was actually running on DirectX10-enabled PC's? anywho, like i said before, i'll definately be keeping this one on my 360 radar. hopefully they'll release a demo or trailer (if they already haven't released a trailer) on marketplace soon.

Nodoze6439d ago

Zypher, not only was this running on a PC with DX10, it was also being powered by an Intel QUAD proc (the next step beyond Dual Core). As such the sheet was screaming. It did look amazing, but the machine it was running on was beastly (with tech that will not be available to consumers until well into 2007).

With that said I am sure the 360 version will be good, just not as good as the demo given at the Intel demo.

Anerythristic266439d ago

I really don't know about these screens or what they were shown on, especially the ones on the far right. I have seen older 360 screens and the game looks just as good. So I'm confused , I realy believe the game will look as good as I have seen in all these screens.

beans6439d ago

This is a must buy for my 360! But im willing to bet that in the next 2 years games on 360 will surpass this game without a problem! It looks amazing but im just saying that over time 360 will blow us away more and more! Don't fool yourself and honestly believe that the 360 has know more potential when in fact it has tons of potential just waiting to be unlocked!

DC RID3R6439d ago

is used, a pandoras box will be truly opened as regards to 360 next-gen gaming!!!

this is just the begining.

hamburgerhill6439d ago

I hope this is true and if so the 360 is a monster just waiting to be unleashed! This game is more than impressive though and should look Identical on 360 if not better if those DX10 features are added im sure!


I LOVE 360

damn, it just keeps getting better. this game is groundbreaking in its storytelling.

USMChardcharger6439d ago

hey land, did you guys ever get that news4gamers clan going on xbox Live?

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Gamer buys 4,000 copies of Alan Wake, none of them work

Alan Wake, from Max Payne and Control creator Remedy, is a horror classic, prompting one player to buy 4,000 copies that don’t even work.

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roadkillers37d ago

Kind of a goody story...

On a serious note, that is why I try activating gift cards asap. It's happened to me where the store didnt scan it right where the card was unusuable. Happened at Wally World.

gigoran837d ago

wait, that place is real? national lampoon wasn't kidding?

Tacoboto36d ago

I just bought two of the MonsterVerse Godzilla movies on 4K - both had digital copies expiring in 2023. Both were actually expired.

I'd be surprised but it's WB, of course they'd actually expire them

Knightofelemia37d ago

Usually most of those redemption card have an expiry date on them. If they expired all buyer did was buy recycled paper. And some of those codes are country locked to certain countries. I buy a card from the States I can't use it in Canada.

Chocoburger37d ago

Dumb and silly story. She wasted her money for no reason.

Is it really that hard to go to Steam or GOG. She spent $240, when its currently 70% off on GOG, and only costs $4.49.

Gee, I wonder, should I spend $240 on eBay, or $4.49 on GOG? 🙄

Rynxie36d ago

Most likely she wanted to resell a few or most of them. However, it was a too good to be true situation.

36d ago
Profchaos36d ago

So in short she paid $240.00 assuming usd for a bunch on unactivated game codes.

I still don't understand why I guess cause there's not a physical version and she wanted something for a collection or art project.

Rynxie36d ago

No, most likely to resell. However, she ended up getting screwed.

Asplundh36d ago

This is Alan Wake 1, it had physical copies.