Bioshock, Lost Planet PS3 sell 10k first day in Japan

First Day sales in Japan for February 21.
Numbers in brackets are shipments.

Etrian Odyssey 2 (DS) : about 50k (about 100k)

Musou Orochi (PSP) : about 25k

Winning Eleven: Play Maker (Wii) : about 20k (about 70k)

Bioshock (360) : about 10k (about 20~25k)

Lost Planet Extreme Condition (PS3) : about 10k (about 20~25k)

Burnout Paradise (PS3) : about 5k

Burnout Paradise (360) : about 3.5k

Nights: into dreams... (PS2) : about 3.5k (about 20k)

Space invader (DS, PSP) : about 2k

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xaphanze5967d ago

10k?thats not so good...I expected more for a cheap port.

MikeGdaGod5967d ago

i don't know why....i definitely won't be getting it. i don't care if its only $40. there's WAY too many games out that i haven't finished yet and i wouldn't dare waste my valuable gaming time on a year-old port of an, at its best, average game.

jackdoe5967d ago

Too little, too late for Japanese PS3 gamers.

antoinetm5967d ago

same here, i don't want leftovers.

out of my sight capcom. (until Sf HD remix or SF4)

5967d ago
Daver5967d ago

I dont doubt it... Lost planet is an horrible game loll

BLUR1115966d ago (Edited 5966d ago )

no it was a awesome game , one of the best looking next-gen games to be out so long. ps3 owners should get this cuz its good

games4fun5967d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

those are some low numbers, i hope capcom gets the hint though releasing a port from a year ago wont get a good reaction maybe you should do ps3 at the same time if you want to sell in japan.

uxo225967d ago

If Gears was ported over to the PS3 would you guys not buy it either. I've heard many people call it garbage although I know they were just hating. But it is a curiosity since gears is a year old and a port, would PS3 fans pass on it?

Guwapo775967d ago

No I wouldn't. Who hasn't been to a friend's house that had this game a year ago and played the hell out of it? Trying to bring something which is old and dated already is stupidity at its finest.

The only genre I can really see year old ports being successful are RPGs. My friends are cool, but they aren't that cool to let me sit in their living room and play their Xbox solo for hours on in.

-EvoAnubis-5967d ago

Yeah, if GeOW came out on the PS3, I'd take a pass on it. That is, unless it was the PC version with a little bit more things added to sweeten the deal. I like GeOW on the 360, but that game was too damned short.

MK_Red5967d ago

Glad to see BioShock doing not so bad being a western FPS and on 360. Sad to see Burnout doing not so good.
And why isn't NiGHTs remake selling on PS2?

wow4u5967d ago

It just shows, that even in Japan, the Xbox 360 is THE gamers machine.