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Star Trek: Legacy isn't an RTS game and it's not exactly an action shoot-em-up in space either. In some ways it's kind of like a Rainbow Six title where you select your ships in your mini-fleet, upgrade them with different abilities, and then control them in a tactical action-like format. The result is a space based game that contains all of the cool action stuff you can handle but just enough strategy and thinking to keep the hardcore gamers occupied...

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Chewy 1015899d ago

I feel like someone stabbed me every time I see that freaking Star Trek 2.0 in G4TV or Spike! Please! Let that damned elf eared idiot die!

Boink5899d ago

I want this game, and damn do I feel like a geek everytime I think of it.

but the appeal of being a borg flying through space yelling "resistance is futile a**hole!!!" into my mike is just too appealing:)

USMChardcharger5899d ago

i have grown up with star trek always being on TV in some form. i can't wait for this. it just looks fun. multiplayer will be a blast. plus with the makers of Oblivion behind can you go wrong.

TMoney5897d ago

...looks too good to be true. I just hope the gameplay can match the incredible graphics. Considering that it's a Trek franchise...I have my doubts.

If this gets even half way decent reviews...I'm all over it.