Japanese hardware sales chart

The hardware sales chart for Japan during 11.02.08 - 17.02.08 show Nintendo platforms dominating. The figures are as follows Wii (78.583), Nintendo DS Lite (62,362), PSP (59.654), PS3 (17,637), PS2 (11,266) and Xbox 360 (2,198).

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xaphanze3893d ago

Why are ps3 sales falling?Even with the release of DMC 4?!

nicholascage243892d ago

PS3 - 17,637

xbox 360 - 2198

ps3 : x360 = 8.5 :1

ps3 costs almost 2x as much as x360 in Japan

v1c1ous3892d ago

it doesn't matter console Y is selling lower than usual, as long as it beats console W.

i feel much better about that!

gambare3892d ago

Most of the falls in hardware sales is due the japanese economic recision, there is not much money right now in japan :/

SUP3R3892d ago

I can't believe someone disagreed with your comment.
But the decline is sales is very evident of the slowing Japanese economy.

dantesparda3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Umm, so

it doesn't matter that console Y is beating the fvck out of console W by a ratio of 8.5:1, just as long as its declining in sales temporarily, It makes you feel much better right?!

And how about console W's decline in America's January sales? I know, I know, Lord MS said there was shortages, but corporations dont lie right? Buzz off troll!

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venum3893d ago

Japanese don't stick to the next gen. It's look like they are more casual gamers than we expected. For one year, it've been sold mainly DS, Wii and then psp..

Next gen is not going through japan

3892d ago
venum3892d ago

I agree with you dude. The Wii is a good console. less powerful graphic wise and cpu wise, but at least, it's a next gen with it's own specification.

Bladestar3893d ago

it's obvious that Japan is not what it used to be in terms as importance for the success of a console... the Xbox 360 is doing bad... but the PS3 is not doing that great... at least to make a difference in the game industry....

Intrepid3892d ago

What are you talking about!? Japan is a very important region. Look at Nintendo's sales. Just because XBox and Playstation aren't selling well, it doesn't mean that the Japanese aren't affecting the market. They're buying Nintendo's products, which in turn, means they aren't spending much money on the other products. They're helping Nintendo succeed and leaving Europe and America do support the other two consoles.

Basically, they're VERY important in regards to the success, or lack thereof, of a console.

beoulve3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

you are talking to an american. Everywhere is significantly unimportant to them. I hope they do realize now even the Canadian dollars worth more than the constantly falling US dollars. Economics wise, US is falling faster than Japan.

chrno63892d ago

Bubble up beoulve. As a Canadian I care very much about much the sales of consoles in Japan.

Kuest3892d ago

Blademask was indeed mistaken by christening Japan "unimportant"; however, it is equally stupid, and obnoxious for you to ramble out "he's only an American". How many Americans, out of 300+ million, do you know? I thought so...

All in all, I would ask you to attack the fanboy, not the community.


You would be a fool to equate the extent of America's economy (which is huge) with the currency exchange rate.

Marceles3892d ago

As a gamer, thats one of the worst things I've heard that "Japan isn't important"...thats like...ridiculous

Panthers3892d ago

I dont see why you care so much about the sales of a console, especially in a completely different part of the world. You do not make more money if Japan buys a lot of PS3s Anyway, you are wrong to judge like that beolve. If everywhere was significantly unimportant to the US, then why would we care about the struggles in other countries. The US is always the first to respond to national disasters and we always donate the most to relief funds.
Even Iraq is starting to become a tolerable place to live. Hell, the US is the most helpful country in the world. People just take that for granted nowadays.

Kuest3892d ago

do not feed the fire. Why claim something as rash, and obnoxious, as "even Iraq is now a decent place to live". Do you not realize that Beoulve now looks justified in his idiotic assessment of us?

My friend, please don't try to generalize other parts of the world; or portray America as the "world police". To be honest, both yours, and Beoulve's, stances are wholly incorrect. So, let's all just resume back to our discussion on gaming- where things are simple, and safe.

actas1233892d ago

It seems that Japanese ppl along with Japanese devs have not moved to the beauty of next gen gaming yet.
In other news, u know its always better for the economy at large that consumers spend more money, thats what Americans do on daily basis and that is why the American economy is number one and I don't think that will change..
FYI: The American economy is bigger than the European and Japanese economies all combined together.

fenderputty3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Right on. Generalizing Americans isn't any better then generalizing the importance of Japan.

Regardless how low Japan's numbers are for the PS3, it's part of the reason the PS3 outsells the 360 on a worldwide basis. A 20k a week difference on average puts the PS3 up 80k at the end of each month here. Those numbers combined with Europes numbers mean a lot for Sony. That reason alone makes Japan a hugely important market and is why MS has tried so hard to penetrate that market.


Trying to stay as far away from politcal talk as I can here but, what do you think is going to happen to Iraq when America leaves? It's a freaking cival war going on over there. It will collapse the week we start shipping our boys home. Its a horrid war that should have never started in the first place.

beoulve3892d ago

Dollars falling, foreclosures running way high, people losing home, stock market going down. If this not a sign of economy going down, what is?

I'm not talking about being a big brothers. Yes you can help any other country that in need and you still can think that you are far superior than them. "They always need our help because we are superior." so with this superior thinking, other country economy is always less important than US.

Kuest3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

do not bullsh!t a routine bullsh!ter. For I stated that one should not underestimate the SIZE of America, not its progression. You are right, of course, that America's economy is falling. However, that does not negate the fact that said country STILL boasts the largest economy globally; that is, the money spent/traded/gained far outstrips other global powers.

Not that such a genuine FACT determines the value of a country, though. No, with regards to Japan, it is the people inside it- their dreams and ambitions and how they change entire generations through "whatever it is that they do over there".

To conclude, shut up about America already!

forum_crawler3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

"Hell, the US is the most helpful country in the world. People just take that for granted nowadays."

Last time I checked, nobody wanted American "help" in Iraq...

... Back to gaming....

Panthers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Japan, PAL, and US are all important. Japan numbers may be low, but that does not mean they do not make a difference in the industry. Low number effect it just as much as high numbers, just in a different way.

I wasnt generalizing America as the "world police" Although now that I read my comment it I can see why you would think sounds like it. Just dumb to assume Americans are uninterested in other parts of the world (trying to show that we are not).

I think the OP was just saying that Japan is not helping the PS3 as much as it needs to in order to gain ground. Just wait till some JRPGs come out.

edit: above, whatever. i just feel people being oppressed deserve a little help.

also, i would just delete my above post but it wont let me. no need to have a debate about that here.

cmrbe3892d ago

Generalizing is generally not good to do. For example saying Americans are like Bush is stupid as at least 50 million americans voted against him in the last election. It would be no different than saying all Arabs are terrorist because of Osama.

Anyways. I can sort of see where Blade is coming from but i still disagree. Japan is very important in the grand scheme of things. 20% or even 15% is a huge chunk of the market especially when you have 3 console manufactures fighting for Global console domiance.

Baba19063892d ago

panthers i agree that there are people in many countrys that need help. i just dont think shooting civilians and droping bombs on everyone is a help for those countrys. and its even dumber to compare war to the Gaming industrie.

it would be stupid to think that one market is not important. Sony microsoft and Nintendo would be screwed if they thought like that.

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TheMART3893d ago

Damn PS3 is dropping hard again. The 360 never did good and never will, Japanese hate American stuff or something like that.

But PS3 is the big surprise here

heyheyhey3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

cant argue with you there

for a long time the PS3 was selling a consistent 35k or so and now all of a sudden it's down to 17k

but that is going to straight up when Yakuza 3, White Knight Story, Hot Shots Golf 5 release and then later on the big daddies arrive- FF13, versus13 and star ocean 4

and also when the next Gundam game drops, Japs go insane over those sh!t games

the 360 took a significant fall too- it used to sell a consistent 5k and now thats down to a minuscule 2k


did it? well it didn't in Europe

anyway yeah you can scratch that from the list if it is out in Japan, but whatever you get my drift

Antan3892d ago

"Hot Shots Golf 5"

This came out last year.

poos33892d ago

u just got owned again silly ape.

heyheyhey3892d ago


awwwwwwwwww, you love me much that you felt the need to say my name twice in a row

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games4fun3892d ago

other thing i can add besides low sales for ps3 is that the psp almost sold as much as the ds lite which is impressive

DaDarkKnight3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Well to be honest their is nothing out for the ps3 yet that japanese gamers wants to play. Yeah they like dmc but thats still not a game worth spending that much money for. What they are waiting for is another price drop and FF to come out when that happen thats when all of them will buy the system and the sales for other games that should be selling well will start to pick up. Like for example when FFcc and monster hunter came out for the psp thats when that system started to sell like hot cakes over there. Sony should have signed a deal to keep monster hunter and dragon warriors exclusive to their system as well.

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