Far Cry vs Far Cry 2 vs Far Cry 3

NowGamer: Three great games, one great series. But what's been the best game in the series thus far?

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Community4195d ago
Psychotica4195d ago

Far Cry 3 for me, Far Cry 2 was plain boring and I really don't remember much about Far Cry 1

decrypt4195d ago

Farcry 2 was pretty much a money grubbing attempt. Same few missions over and over.

hennessey864195d ago

I would say its a tech demo for 3

PhantomT14124195d ago


Not even for the 3. It's using more of the CryEngine 3 than the Dunia one even if it shares the name. At least, they kept the fire tech and maybe the vegetation tech.

FarCryLover1824195d ago


FC3 uses the Dunia engine.

BattleAxe4195d ago

Far Cry 2 was an awesome game. Its usually a bunch of Halo pansies that say that they didn't like the game because it was too hard. The multiplayer was a ton of fun too, but the only problem was that CoD: World at War and CoD 4 were dominating the multiplayer space, so FC2 went largely unnoticed.

ChronoJoe4195d ago

Far Cry 3 is largely just the same few missions over and over too. It's just a lot more fun because the gameplay is a lot better, thanks to better AI, controls, vehicle mechanics and so forth.

I don't see how FC2 was a 'money grubbing attempt' at all, it clearly had high production values, it just shot itself in the foot in a few areas and fell short of expectations.

4195d ago
iamnsuperman4195d ago

Far Cry 2 was good except for its bugs. It is great demo on how fr cry 3 turned out because if you look a lot of the ideas and mechanics that are in Fr Cry 2 are in far cry 3. One thing I would say Far Cry 3 really does limit how you take on objectives. In Far Cry 2 the boundary for each objective was vast. In Far Cry 3 it seems to have linerfied it at points and made objective boundaries quite small

bozebo4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

The gunplay and driving in FC2 felt like shit. That pretty much condemned it for me regardless of anything else in the game.

If you're going to make a shooter with driving, at least get those 2 components right.

PhantomT14124194d ago


At the end of the day, "Dunia" or "CryEngine" are just names. But they've obviously based their new engine on the CryEngine 3, rather than working on their own Dunia. You can see it by the way it renders, hell even some of the moves are strangely close to those of Crysis 2 (sliding, cover system, etc.). And most of all, Ubisoft mentions the use of the CryEngine and the official site of the engine cites the game as one their showcases: http://mycryengine.com/inde...

They call it Dunia 2 because surely they've made some heavy modification to it and added their own sauce like the fire tech from Far Cry 2 and optimized it for a true open-world, but they must have started working on the CE3 not the first Dunia.

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Crazyglues4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

OMG! I hated FarCry 2, boring and repetitive and it was basically the definition for rinse and repeat! -kill some guys here at this base, then go to the next base kill some guys there...

FarCry 1 was a PC monster, if you had a good graphics card with good FPS the game was amazing... Lots of fun and awesome for it's time..

FarCry 3 I have no idea how it is because after FarCry 2 I could not touch another FarCry game, Just thinking about doing it makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth... LoL

I just can't do it... -they burnt me too bad on Part 2..


Hellsvacancy4195d ago

I also HATED Farc Cry 3, was rather dubious about FC3, but its good, im really enjoying it

FarCryLover1824195d ago

Disregard PT 2.

Acquire PT 3.

metalgod884195d ago

I understand where your coming from man. I played FarCry 2 and hated it. Malaria was probably the most annoying feature in a game ever and the game was extremely repetitive. There was no fast travel. Nuff said. lol

But I've been playing FarCry 3 and it's just been an epic adventure. Everything has been improved upon and is really a ton of fun. Multiplayer is fun, but needs a little bit of tweaking to get it perfect. Coop is a blast if you have friends that play it.

I'm not telling you that you NEED to play it, but ya know..sometime down the line, you might want to give this one a play. It's actually a really great game.

ufo8mycat4195d ago

All games are repetitive.

FarCry 1 clear an area of enemies - next area -rinse and repeat.

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Gazondaily4195d ago

What put me off Far Cry 2 was the way the NPCs spoke in super speed. I thought it was a bug and reinstalled the game but I later found out that, that was the way the game was!

I mean, how can you ship a game with such a glaring problem? Please tell me it wasn't just me who noticed it and that it wasn't actually just a bug.

trouble_bubble4195d ago

omg LMAO! So true! Horrible voice acting in Far Cry 2, it's like they were all told to blow through their lines in one take and as fast as possible because Ubi' only rented the studio for an hour.

That plus my gun jamming up sometimes twice in a fight, malaria, infinite spawning roadblocks...ugh. Pretty but over rated. FC3 is better in every sense of the word.

Sp1d3ynut4194d ago

I just assumed they were all hopped up on drugs...or coffee.

ATi_Elite4195d ago

FarCry = CLASSIC game and it's gorgeous CryEngine still holds up well even today! Should be played by everyone as it truly is an adventure....that gets horrible hard near the end!

FarCry2 = Dunia Engine was very nice with some of the best vegetation and fire ever but the game felt more like Grand Theft FarCry 2: Gopher Missions than the outstanding story of FarCry

FarCry 3 = Looks Great, Michael Mando (Vaas Montenegro) voice acting is Oscar Worthy but i haven't played it fully so i cant really comment on it! Many people say GOTY!

MrFluffyD4195d ago

Yea same here. I don't even remember what the storyline is.

dougr4195d ago

Loved both three and two, never played one. I thought two was hard compared to three, and personally I think two took a lot more creative thinking that three, although on a fun level three is the more fun game, but just barely.

showtimefolks4195d ago

farcry 2 was a tech demo for farcry 3 IMO.

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SlowBurn4195d ago

same few missions over and over.
FC3 is guilty of this as well,besides a few interesting story missions.
FC2 was boring and repetitive,FC3 is boring and repetitive.I actually prefer FC2's unlock and armory system.

Irishguy954195d ago

You are right in a way. But FC3 is much less boring and repetitive than FC2. FC3 lasts alot longer before you get bored.

Far cry 3 fixed the bad things about Far cry 2 and then took out some of the good things. Overall FC3 is much much better.

Far cry 2 = Chore to play, but has some good things about it, look up the definition of Flawed Gem and Far cry 2 sits beside it.

Far cry 3 = Fun accessible game, very easy, good fun to **** around, good combat mechanics.

Far cry 2 - 6/10 it's just too boring too quick
Far cry 3 - 8/10 it gets boring eventually and there is no real challenge(maybe this is why it gets boring)

josephayal4195d ago

Far Cry 2 had the absolute best environment

1nsomniac4195d ago

Far Cry 1 was the best overall & Far Cry 2 was the best enviroment

dirthurts4195d ago

Far Cry 1 was great, but you really can't ignore the improvements that Far Cry 3 has made.

Cueil4195d ago

haven't played 3 yet, but anyone who's played the PC version of 1 knows that very few open world FPSes can reach that level... 2 was so far down it was bad.... even if 3 is twice as good it's not as good as 1