For a Few Dollars More

From IGN.com: "The Xbox and the GameCube are dead. The PlayStation 2 is dying. The next generation is upon us. And it's going to cost you, but by means you've never dreamt of.

You can start by thanking Microsoft. Bill Gates' company has spent the last three years working on a new financial system, Xbox Live Marketplace, which will be the model for many other console manufacturers to come. Xbox Live Marketplace has introduced an excellent idea, the micro-transaction on an intranet, a closed system built around the console gamer. And we love it.

The thing is, Microsoft really hasn't gotten started. No one really has. Other companies have been figuring out ways to make money for years. Banks charge you for using another bank's ATM. eBay takes a percentage when you make a purchase, and Amazon gets a little for each CD, book, or t-shirt you buy. But console manufacturers have finally come around to the idea of making real money, and gamers are going to love it like they never had before....

PS: This editorial is a satire...

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eques judicii6462d ago

Yea, somethings are bad... but there are some good things to the marketplace... episodic content and xbla...not to mention the wealth of free downloads (demos and the what-not) it really is EA (those evil bast4rds) that will screw everyone... most developers probably won't.

FordGTGuy6462d ago

you do know the Microsoft doesn't decide on the prices of the content put on the marketplace. Also its a choice system if you want it and think its worth buy it but if you don't they noone is forcing you to buy it. Not the mention the amount of free content put onto the marketplace.

DJ6462d ago

So how the author thinks that the "PS2 is dying" is a bit perplexing. The point about microtransactions is pretty good though, and while consumers have 'choice', they never really exercise a lot of the choices they're given. Yeah, everybody could stop driving their cars any day of the week in order to force gas prices to sink, but it'll never happen.

Hopefully Sony is taking at least some control of microtransactions and ensuring that developers adhere to certain pricing rules.

kewlkat0076462d ago

No need for damage control..the PS2 is dying, nuff said. Plus it's like $100 bucks so finally some poor peeps can afford it. There will be less development for it as it slowly dies. On the other hand developers are starting to focus PS3, 360 and Wii systems. As you see it's gonna be pricey for small firms to make great games. Nevermind EA and all the other big Developers with lots of cash. Probally be more cash to develop for th ePS3 as it might take more time so there ya go. If the game doesn't do well then it's over for small developing firms.

jagjones6462d ago (Edited 6462d ago )

Well there is so much in your article that really doesn't hold water...the PS2 dying is perhaps the biggest but for the life of me you and Mickey Mouse must inhabit a fantasy world...yes there will be micro costs but to go down the road you suggest would be suicide for any game console - per bullet good grief. Greediness will cause a consumer backlash that will ring loud and clear in the ears of the industry. Fine line then to tread, yes I agree that their will be new costs but not to the extent you propose. It will be interesting to see how far across that line the industry will lean...

The Milkman6462d ago

It was bound to happen. You make the having to pay a different bank to withdraw money sound like a new thing. Yea but your going to have to watch out for those rip off developers like EAs little scam because its going to happen. The Xbox 360 is not going to be the only one with a marketplace.

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I think it's best we leave these games we're they belong...in the past

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Generations is getting one because they had something easy to shove Shadow into before the Sonic 3 film and it's probably the better ones they've did over the past decade or so.

rayford1513h ago

Unleashed was one of my favorite P3 games would love a remastered version