MyGEN Launches Custom Gamercard Designer Service

GCDesigner allows users to create their very own custom signatures and avatars instead of selecting from a standard set of designs. With plenty of options at their disposal, creating a custom gamercard for their clan, their favourite game or even their favourite comic character is simple. We're really excited to be bringing this service to the gaming community.

Andrew Falzon, MyGEN GCDesigner Owner said, "Some of the designs we've seen so far are amazing. It's amazing to see that the community is full of such creative people. The other great feature of GCDesigner is that users can share their creations with the world if they choose to, or simply mark them as private for their own use. Anyone who has registered can use the designs that are shared, anywhere on the internet even on their very own blog sites, like MySpace and Facebook. This allows the not so good graphic designers to have awesome looking forum signatures and avatars."

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