Top gaming technologies of 2012

This year saw the continued evolution of three consumer technologies -- autostereoscopy, touch sensing, and motion sense – with direct application in the gaming world.

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Lifeequals422221d ago

I'm particularly intrigued by the possibilities of autostereoscopy, even if the 3DS isn't the best iteration of the tech thus far.

NagaSotuva2221d ago

I'm glad we're done with motion controls...

bwazy2221d ago

Hardly, the Vitas gyroscope is hell of a fun little implementation of technology (See wipeout/gravity rush/uncharted aiming. Motion controls are brilliant and a blast if the developers use the tech correctly.

PhillipSantanaMusic2221d ago

motion control isnt going anywhere, its probably has more of a footprint now then ever before.

Deku-Johnny2221d ago

I'm really quite glad the 3DS and Wii U don't have capacitive touchscreens. The extra price wouldn't have been worth being able to pinch zoom game maps.