Forge review: Blending, stripping down, and melding play styles

Forge is a game that defines the term “tall order”. The team at Dark Vale Games set out to blend the best elements of MMO PvP with the fast and frantic action of a class-based shooter. Forge strips away all of the PvE (quasi-single player) elements of an MMORPG and throws you directly into multiplayer conflict. Once inside a match you choose one of the game’s five playable classes and go to town against the other team in a variety of modes. There is no single-player campaign, no over-world to explore – nothing except multiplayer battles. Forge‘s twist comes from the fact that the game moves and operates like a third-person shooter. Players have to manually aim their attacks with the mouse as if it were a shooter (and it kind of is). The idea is to take the thrill of pitting one’s abilities in MMO PvP and blend it with the twitchy gameplay of a shooter.

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