Steam Winter Sale Day Three

Obnoxiousgamer: Day number three of the winter sale has arrived. Even with the threat of the end of the word, steam has yet again came bearing deals. Check out the 6 new deals for today, and don’t forget to keep voting for those community choice games.

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DeleteThisxx2220d ago

Compared to last year, these deals are rather lackluster.

Xristo2220d ago

I do agree. The Dawn of War Franchise pack is my first purchase this year. Amazon, GMG, GG, and other digital retailers have made these sales far.

Xristo2220d ago

Dawn of War Franchise for $9.99! That is a CRAZY deal!!


Farsendor12220d ago

drakensang,lost planet and lost planet 2 have good deals going on

ScubaSteve12220d ago

it seems steams summer sale has more games then the winter sale. i have not bought a single game from the winter sale yet

LAWSON722220d ago

Might get thq pack only $25 and comes with tons of great games like saints row 1-3, darksiders 1-2.

dktxx22220d ago

No Saints Row 1 but the other two are there.

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