Top 5 (Good) Surprises of 2012

BT writes: Well, it’s getting close to 2013 and, since we’ve already given our Top Games of the Year and talked about our disappointments, I suppose it’s only fair to talk about the games that surprised us (in a good way, not the Fowl Space way) this year. For this list, the selections didn’t have to be the best games that got released this year, there just had to be a huge gap between what our expectations were for the game vs. what we got. This list is, of course, VERY subjective, so feel free to give your own picks.

Normally this is where I would put a spoiler warning… but there are no spoilers on this list. So, I guess this part is rather pointless. Uhhh, get your pets spade and neutered, drink your Ovaltine, buy low and sell high, and dance like you’ve never danced before! Start the list.

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RmanX10002218d ago

Katawa Shoujo... The feels...

shodan742218d ago

Definitely concur that The Walking Dead was the surprise package of the year. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

I'm definitely going to check out FTL sometime soon too. Heard nothing but good things about that.

Farsendor12218d ago

binary domain
planetside 2
orcs must die 2

those 3 games surprised me

3-4-52218d ago

* My list is different because it involves games I could have played years ago.

* DQ 9 - The game that made me get back into gaming and re-love RPG's.

* FFAT2 - Re-discovering my love for SRPG's.

* Super Mario 3D Land - Was the closest thing to Mario 64 we've had yet besides galaxy. To me 3D land feels even more like Mario 64 though because of the actual levels and not having to use a wii mote.

* Mass Effect - Played it for first time ever in Jan-Feb and it's definitely worth the praise. Frustrating finding things sometimes but a good story and presentation.

Looking forward to 2013:

* Sly Cooper

* Fire Emblem

* Dragon Quest 7 ( Hopefully..might be 2014 though )

* Fantasy Life ( Hopefully )


* If I had a PC still it would be Rome Total War 2

FogLight2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Finally an article that mentions Katawa Shoujo, that game was great....Hanako :D

This game and The Walking Dead are the only games this year that made me have those feels....those many feels :(