IGN GDC 2008: Bionic Commando Rearmed Hands-on

Capcom and Grin have teamed up to remake the classic title for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360, with a load of new features to introduce new players to its excellent gameplay. We went hands on with the game at this year's GDC to see just how Nathan "Rad" Spencer's first mission has translated to this new generation of consoles.

For nostalgia fans, the game is practically level identical to the classic NES game. In fact, Ben Judd, the producer for the title, told us that Rearmed is 90% exact to the original game layout. There are three major changes that have been made to upgrade the gameplay, however. First of all, players will not collect bullets to upgrade your health anymore. You'll start off with a larger amount of health and will be able to replenish your health with pickups. The second change is that enemies will comprise three different types. If you fire a specific weapon at an opponent and they flash red, they're weak to that gun, whereas if they flash yellow, they're strong or invincible against that weapon. The final change is that most of the bosses have been redone. While there will be some classic bosses that you'll face off against (because it wouldn't be Bionic Commando without these fights), the majority of the boss battles will be new.

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