Gears of War Gameplay Montage HD

The Locust Horde has been unleashed, and only you stand in it's way...

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ASSASSYN 36o5906d ago

Thats it. That is what I needed to see. THis game is to sweet. It is said the only game that can trump halo 1 and 2 is halo 3. LET SLIP THE GEARS OF WAR! I THINK WE GOT AN UPSET.

2tired2day2hate5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

i read your comment while i was waiting on the movie to finish downloading, and had every intention of taking up for halo and halo2. then i watched that video.... as far as multiplayer goes, this MIGHT even beat out halo 3. of course we know nothing about halo 3 yet, but from the looks of this preview, i dont know how anything could top this. glad i watched the video before i said something

also, if you look at the bottom left of the screen after the dude gets sniped, you'll see it was cliffy b who sniped him. they should put this video up on the marketplace. surely anyone who had doubts about this game second guess themselves

Optimus Prime5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

holy !!!!!!! this game looks amazing. i cant wait. AWSOME!

THAMMER15906d ago

Awsome! I know this game will get best game of 2006.

About it killing Halo.....HMMM I'm not sure yet.

nambo5906d ago

Just got back from the screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the GoW promo. First, the movie was bad. Just more blood and gore. Can't they make a movie where the people are half intelligent? Second, GoW looked great and played really well, but I think they still need to work some kinks out. My biggest issue was that the game would stutter once in a while. If they can fix that before launch, it'll be one hell of a game.

TheMART5906d ago

You didn't play a very recently build demo, that's already some months old. Watch the latest gamevideo's, SP and MP and you'll see it will be resolved.

Be sure Epic will address all possible shortcomings before launch, even if they have to work the full 24 hours a day.

So you played it, can you tell more as you are one of the few that actually played it yourself?

Like did you play SP or MP, which level(s) I guess from the prisonblocks on and so on just put some info up here!

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