Kinect Hardware and Software Sales - Pre-Christmas Roundup

VGChartz Sales League writes:

"To recap, we saw that the HW sales for the last 4 months (the strong period of the year for Kinect) matched the HW sales for the first 8 months of Jan to Aug at 1.79m Kinects sold per period.

Projections for Kinect HW is 20m LTD by early 2013 and 5m for FY 2012, mind you 2012 has been the weaker of the 3 Christmas seasons Kinect has seen in terms of HW numbers.

In software, the sales didn’t keep up with the hardware trend, though games released before 2012 are still very well alive, the best beating off the top sales for games released in 2012."

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Shadonic3193d ago

Over 1 million people bought kinect Star Wars ?!

PeZuS3193d ago

It would appear so. The Kinect userbase is highly casual overall so you wouldn't expect most of them to look at reviews.

PeZuS3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

What does a man have to do to get an article approved around here??

Hingle_Mcringleberry3192d ago

What are the Move software sales like? Kinect games seems to not do so well critically (Dance Central excluded) but some of those games go on to sell in the millions. Is it the same with Move games? I know Sorcery tanked.

Belking3192d ago

Move software sales pale in comparison. The device is starved for software(created for the device)and it's just not getting it.

GribbleGrunger3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Just like the myth of the Vita having few games, this will continue. What you have to realise is that, unlike Kinect, you can actually play fully fledged games with the MOVE. Ignoring hardcore games that can also be played with the Dualshock might give some people peace of mind but it won't offer you the truth.

You know, I really hope that Kinect is a HUGE success and that Microsoft push hard with Kinect on the Nextbox. I'm not so keen on Sony doing the same with the MOVE though, I prefer it to be an option and not a one way ticket to banality. I do NOT want the casuals leading the charge for the PS4 thank you very much.

Belking3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Kinect isn't leading the charge for MS either. Last time I checked kinect is still optional and you can still play full fledged kinect games. My point is that kinect has way more titles designed for it from the ground up than move. It will probably always be part of the 360 experience just like xbox live is. The way i see it casuals won't be leading the charge for xbox. Never have never will, but Kinect is nice to have to go along with it. First one was nice, the second one will be mighty impressive. Its good business for ms to have kinect with xbox because all gamers are different.

Not all gamers want to play gears, halo or uncharted. You have to cover all bases, not just the core ones. You think sony would of sold over 120 million consoles last gen if casuals didn't buy consoles? nope. I don't think so. So MS can have all the casual games they want as long as we get some core too. That way everyone will be happy. The industry is changing and you have to adapt or get left behind. That's a lesson sony is learning late this gen. Better late than never I guess.