Nintendo: Opportunities Lost

Geekpulp ponders some of the missed opportunities from the fastest selling console in the market.
"Multiplayer has always been the strongest drawcard to a game for me. And in order to play multiplayer with my busy schedule, I can only look to the online world. And this, unfortunately, is where Nintendo comes up woefully lacking. I can accept a shortage of quality AAA+ titles. I can even tolerate some motion-control nuances. What really irks me is that Nintendo and online do not really belong in the same sentence."

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wiizy3894d ago

that guy is a clown. nintendo has the best online service with wiiware and download games are coming at the right time... and motion sensing is where its at , look at all the new electronic gadgets coming out.. nintendo is on top to stay.

gameov3r3894d ago

The guy isn't knocking the VC or Wiiware services, he's just pointing out that for online gaming the Wii is sadly lacking and he's right. Friend codes and a lack of a decent means of communication while playing are just two reasons. Even the simple online scoreboards from Geometry Wars require you to constantly connect and disconnect from the Nintendo wifi service which is cumbersome. As much as I like my Wii I'm not so blinkered that I can't admit there are areas that could be improved. Hopefully Mario Kart will improve things in some way.

BrotherNick3894d ago

I would say the wii is more for playing with people beside you than playing someone online. It's a contrast from the other consoles.

bootsielon3894d ago

If at least the Wii had the possibility for a much bigger hard drive, a decent online service with accomplishments/achievemnts, and their Virtual Console actually added achievements for game and/or re-made them to give them more value, I wouldn't have so much of a beef with the Wii, though I still wouldn't pay $250 for a souped-up gamecube.