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GR: This year's spread of fighting titles all seemed like crazy ideas: PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale was all about Sony trying to make Super Smash Bros.; Persona 4 Arena makes a 2D Blazblue fighter out of all of the RPG characters from Persona 4 (and some from Persona 3); Street Fighter X Tekken transforms 3D characters into 2D characters, which shouldn't have worked but it did anyway; and Skullgirls only had eight female characters but it still was a competent tag-team fighter. Still, only one nominee has made any real headway in the hardcore fighting community.

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Snookies122349d ago

Wooo, Tekken! That game is amazing...

knifefight2349d ago

I get that, yeah. I'm a Persona 4 man myself but I think that might be partially because I love the Persona universe/characters/art.

Snookies122349d ago

P4A is great, I own it as well... Though there's simply not enough in terms of stages and music... It was a little disappointing in that regard. The combat itself is spot-on though. :]

ftwrthtx2349d ago

There were no fighters that I really enjoyed.

Myst2349d ago

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 does seem to have everything to make it the top game this year. Skullgirls has a good standing for it and is quite beautifully crated seems like it's one of those games that can only get better.

dee-ecks2349d ago

Persona 4 Arena or GTFO!!! Best damn fighter I've played in a looong time!!

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The story is too old to be commented.