Why Nintendo Must Launch A New Console In 2014

Don Reisinger:

The gaming industry is ready yet again for a major change. Every five years or so, gamers are asked to toss away their old hardware and buy the new stuff. The cost, of course, is high, and the effort to actually get a new console is somewhat ridiculous in the beginning, but like good, trusting gamers, we oblige.

The so-called “next generation” is starting now. Nintendo has launched its Wii U, and that device delivers HD graphics and a vastly improved experience compared to the company’s previous console, the Wii. For now, the console is sold out and likely will remain so for the next few months.

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SynGamer2131d ago

This would be absolutely the worst thing Nintendo could do, no only to the fans, but to themselves. It would all but guarantee developers drop support for either the Wii U or the Wii U 2 as you called this sequel.

Nintendo has made their bed, so to speak, and must live with the consequences. By launching a year early, they have given themselves that much more time to develop their next gaming box, but I don't see a release happening until at least 2016/2017, not for a true sequel/upgrade.

Realistically, the Wii U will be no different than the current generation. They'll have their first-party games that sell well. The games will be in 1080p and will eventually look better like all console generations do as time goes on. But the PS4 and Xbox 720 (tentatively named) will easily out-power the Wii U when they are released (hopefully next year).

Hatsune-Miku2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Nintendo needs to launch a new console in 2013 that is at least 5 times as powerful as a Wii u. The Wii u is rubbish and weak

Why is it seen as "trolling" when someone expresses a logical opinion on a product that is lacking a lot of things. I was a big Nintendo gamer as others were and due to the release of the Wii a lot of NES fans thought nintendo Wii was lacking a lot of things where it wasn't able to compete with the hd consoles ps3 and xbox 360. The controller is inaccurate and it requires Wii motion plus for more accuracy and even then its still inaccurate.

The Wii u again Nintendo released a weak console where they abandoned the rubbish controller as the default controller and went for a design akin to the layout of the best controller design ever DS3 or xbox controller. The Wii is rubbish with a gimmick controller and now the Wii u is rubbish with a gimmick controller. Third party devs will barely support the Wii u like the Wii, GameCube, and ultra nes. It's Nintendos fault that the Wii u is rubbish along with NES fanatics. Buying rubbish will only make Nintendo see that there is a market for rubbish Nintendo products.

I can't wait for ps4 and 720

Relientk772131d ago

A new Nintendo console for 2013, is even less plausible then 2014.

aquamala2131d ago

If wii u is rubbish and weak, then so are ps3 and 360. Want to game on a powerful machine? Get a gaming pc.

ChickeyCantor2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

" Why is it seen as "trolling" when someone expresses a logical opinion "

You mean to say "rational" but even then you are just a lunatic.

It's your arrogance to think you're always right. You aren't. People call you a troll because you bash the Wii U but seem to praise 2 consols that are't even out yet.

" The Wii u again Nintendo released a weak console where they abandoned the rubbish controller as the default controller and went for a design akin to the layout of the best controller design ever DS3 or xbox controller."

And because you say stupid stuff like this.
They didn't abandon. They gave developers choice.

You're not "logical". You're just trapped in your OWN rational thinking. You're not good at discussions whatsoever.

You're just giant baby who want things his way. You can have your opinion. But when you say " logical opinion " Your self indulged mental-narcissism is showing,

2131d ago
stragomccloud2131d ago

It's okay Hatsune Miku. I know you're secretly a Nintendo fanboy. You're secret's safe with me. Opps, I guess the secret's out! Sorry!

chadboban2131d ago

If this article is to be believed Sony should have launched the PS2 in 1997 and launched the PS3 in 2004, and Nintendo should have launched the Wii U in 2008, the 3DS in 2006. And considering this writer's logic the 4DS should have launched by now if I'm not mistaken.

Seriously guys. Given the way history has gone I think the Wii U is gonna be just fine. PS4 and Nextbox are going to be fine as well. Why can't we just enjoy video games and put petty fanboyism aside.

2131d ago
1upgamer992131d ago

Rubbish, and weak? Do you have one? Do you even know what you are talking about? No, I think you are just a dork. If you think Wii U is Rubbish and weak, what console are you playing RIGHT NOW? It matters not what is coming in a year or greater dude. You clearly have nothing better to do with your time than BASH a console that you don't even own...Yes I will get a PS4, BUT for now Nintendo Wii U is giving people MORE POWER than PS3 and 360, with a freaking gamepad, that makes gameplay that much better. From the size of your Anti-Nintendo posts, you have nothing better to do than BASH. Go play in your sandbox please.

MegaLagann2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

"Nintendo needs to launch a new console in 2013"
You and logic don't mix well.

BlackWolf2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

You really are nuts...

JayBlue2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

All I hear from Hatsume is the same over-used word: rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, and rubbish again... don't you know any other one?

It may be that, in some remote possibility, you are right, yet that doesn't grants you the right to come around and bash a console simply because their graphics or the controller weren't what you expected.

Like most of the users around here, I doubt you even touched the console, yet the box it's packed in.

Could it be that you wanted a new Nintendo console to fit your "hardcore dream" so bad, that you got angered when the Wii U was released and it wasn't what you wanted to have?

Please, do us a favor and grow up a bit.

Kingthrash3602131d ago

@ chadboban your absolutely right if the wii can BEAT the ps3 and 360 then why would this be a problem? Or if the 360 can survive the red ring saga or playstation getting hacked then the wiiU will be ok.
How's bout we just play games? Enjoy them and let the people who gets paid for selling the wiiU or 360 or ps3 worry about sales. It's not like we're making money.

Mounce2131d ago

5 powerful as the Wii U?


Yous a special kinda stupid arentcha? :3

jmc88882131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Well if they launched one 5x as powerful as the Wii U, then it might be 4x as powerful as the PS4 or 720. Maybe less. Maybe more.

I have no clue how much more powerful you expect the PS4 or 720 can be than the Wii U. Are you saying 5x to compete with or equal the others you expect to come out?

People do realize the Wii (which I never owned) beat in sales the PS3 and 360 in sales. So why you would disregard them as competitors given this recent history is pretty illogical. While history isn't future, surely you can't automatically discount the Wii which sold the most, had a huge hardware disadvantage, and that the Wii U to it's competitors would be a much smaller hardware gap.

5x the Wii U might be the equivalent of two GTX 690's. Odds are a GTX 660 will have a good amount more raw power than what will be inside any of the next gen consoles. Now once all the advantages or tricks of the new consoles are realized, I could see it equaling the GTX 660 or so. But I could also see the Wii U approaching an 5870. Thus while one may be 'better' it's really more like a notch lower in PC settings then a real difference. Will that be worth an extra $100-200 for the console? If not you, then parents buying it for their children?

I'm not even sure if 5x the Wii U is possible with on the highest end of PC tech. Either way, it would be up there, and nowhere close to up there will the PS4 or 720 be. I.E. A medium end 2012 PC gaming rig should throttle a PS4/720.

An i7 chip from 2008 should be vastly more powerful than anything the PS4 or 720 would have in it. Even if I'm wrong, there's no way in hell it would be beat. They don't have the watts, $$$$, or cooling to achieve 5x the Wii U.

I'd say more like 30-150 percent faster than the Wii U. Or in other words in today's games. A notch in the PC settings. Maybe a higher level of AA/AF. Slightly more intense tessellation.

But these are all guesses. What we easily know is....they don't create the tech, they license it from the creators at IBM, ATI/AMD or Nvidia, etc. It won't run high powered 300 watt individual parts...the whole console probably won't suck up 300 watts for everything.

They aren't going to SLI things. They aren't going to price it high or sell it at a or much of a loss. They don't want it to be unreliable (heat is a byproduct of increased wattage).

Also remember that a GTX 670 (that's the 3rd place in Nvidia's line...meaning two videocards faster and more expensive than it) costs $50 bucks or so MORE than the entire PREMIUM Wii U console... and you can have 2-3 of them in a pc.

Thus we won't have a 600 watt console, basically doubling the watts used by a 360. If anything we'll have less being used by a 720 than a 360 used when it launched, and maybe by 20-40 percent. Afterall, it did cost MS over a billion dollars just to address some of the faults with repairs due to a RROD. I had one, as well as other faults with the console.

If you can't wait for a PS4 or a 720, you could of gamed like them a year ago or so with a PC. Why wait? You can always pick up a 720 or a PS4 when they come out to. You're only waiting because you want to wait. (or maybe afford it).

I have a GTX 670 and bought a Wii U. I like my gfx card, but in a couple of years I'll probably upgrade it again. Either way, the PS4 and 720 I buy I don't expect to be as good as my GTX 670. They'll still be good systems, just like the Wii U is shaping up to be.

Nintendo has provided a capable, forward thinking system first and affordable. Why would they think of pulling the plug in under two years?

vallencer2131d ago

Where's your girlfriend mika??

N4g_null2131d ago

It's trolling when you constantly do it. People that don't like stuff don't wait around waiting to talk about it.

BlaqMagiq242131d ago

Stop with the damn "Wii U is rubbish" and "I can't wait for the ps4" comments on every damn Nintendo article. It makes you look stupid as hell.

BattleAxe2131d ago

I hate to say it, but I think that Nintendo's home console business is done for. Nintendo will become strictly a handheld console developer, and possibly a 3rd party developer for Sony. Its like I've been saying all along, WiiU is the Dreamcast 2.

tehpees32130d ago

Nintendo's IPs are strong enough to carry them over. They have arguably the strongest names in gaming.

Their games will carry them to profit like they always do.

corrus2130d ago

As always you're right but cos NES fanatics how you called them not like the truth by the way i called them Nintendo monsters i think is better anyway i remember before to come out Wii U their dreams was that is 50% more powerful than PS3/360 after that was 20% more powerful their dreams even was that is gonna be powerful as high end PC Nintendo had lie you again and you're so blind trust them

AsimLeonheart2130d ago

I dont know why Nintendo fans and defenders do not understand the problem with Wii U. Everybody knows its weak. It can barely pump graphics equal to PS360. In a year it may be pumping graphics a little bit superior than PS360 BUT the MAIN POINT is that it is NOT competing with PS360. It is going to compete with the upcoming PS4 and XBOX 720. It is common sense that a product has to be at least somewhat equal to the offering of the competitors. The Wii was a FLUKE. I repeat it was a fluke, pure luck and it is not going to happen again. All the soccer moms, casuals and grannies are on the mobile gaming bandwagon now. Nintendo needs to compete on equal terms now with its competitors. The whole purpose of releasing a new console is upgrading hardware to the current technology so that developers can make better games otherwise we would still have been playing the Atari.Graphics and power is a core competency of a videogame console. It is the area in which one console competes with the other. The developers will not bother with making a watered down port for Wii U every time they make a AAA title. Nintendo had the money and the resources to make a powerful console but they opted to bet their future on a tablet controller that is not even capacitative touch screen. Being first to the market also does not always helps. It may have helped the 360 but it did not help the Dreamcast.
I am not bashing the Wii U and merely criticising a decision by a company that looks questionable at the moment. Nintendo fans may love every console Nintendo releases and wish for it to succeed but the business world does not runs on wishes alone. It runs on offering a quality and competitive product or service that can convince a significant amount of customers to purchase it while preventing them from opting for the competitors offering. I do not see Wii U doing that especially once the PS4 and XBOX 720 releases.

megamanX22130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

"Why is it seen as "trolling" when someone expresses a logical opinion on a product that is lacking a lot of things."

Maybe because you are trolling you idiot. Thats like saying your xbox you've been playing on for the past couple years is rubbish.

"Even if they drop the price, they're still in BIG trouble when the 720/PS4 launch."

lol yeah just like the wii, and somehow it ended up in first place. You people have no idea what your talking about or what nextgen really is. Ok wii last gen the bran new wii u current gen got it.

JayBlue2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

ok, with this reply I may sound like what you call nintendo fanboy, specially since I'm new here, but let's get some facts clarified.

Nintendo won't become "strictly a handheld console developer".
Nintendo's IP have enough strength to hold the platform. They are, most of them, by far, the most profitable IPs in the gaming industry. This will sound like cliche, but almost all gamers at some early age, even if it was once, played and had fun with a Mario game.
And there is no way, if Nintendo ever gets to fail, it will become a "3rd party developer for Sony". You really think Nintendo would give their best selling IP to a competing company? Not even to MS. If they stop making console hardware, they will stop producing software too.

The report you are referring to is the one made by Arvind Bhatia, an analist from Sterne Agee. Nintendo never said the console was going to have such specs as mentioned in that report. In the part were Bhatia was quoted, he said: “Some of the developers we spoke to indicated to us that the console will have 50% more processing power compared to the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.”
It was never a Nintendo statement.

How to explain it to you? Wii U defenders are aware that the console isn't as powerful as it was expected to be (you can send your gratitude to the rumors around the web). But they aren't defending its power, but it's potential. It may sound pedantic, but Nintendo's strenght isn't focused on graphics, but the gaming experience that their consoles can offer. This is why the Wii was the best sold console of its generation, what you call a fluke (not mentioning handhelds, we all know who's the winner there...). Well, last time I checked, the only consoles that still offers a multiplayer experience without relying too much in Online functions are Nintendo's. Most of the multiplayer games designed for Sony and MS consoles doesn't support even a 2 player-split-screen gameplay. Yes, online is fantastic, but casual gamers that want to enjoy some time with friends on the same living room, are mostly inclined to get a Wii or Wii U, at least that you consider the offerings from Sony or MS, which are really good indeed, but don't have that much wanted replay value.
Graphic-wise, yes, the Wii U is falls short in front of the current generation consoles, and with the PS4 & Xbox 720, it will be hard to catch up, graphic-wise. Indeed, developers have decided to skip the Wii U for this reason.
As i said on a previous comment on another discussion, yes, graphics makes games look better, but that doesn't means a game is actually better. For example, talking about handhelds a for a bit, the Nintendo DS was said to fail before the PSP, but its, without a doubt, the best sold handeld between them. The reason? umm talking about money, it was cheaper, but what impulsed the console were it's games, fun, attractive, entertaining games, and they didn't relied on amazing graphics or the most advanced tech to sell (honestly, the PSP is the winner in tech).
Again, as many said, the Wii U gamepad doesn't needs a capacitive touchscreen because its not meant to use gestures or have features were you need multi-touch imput. Capacitive is a better technology, yes, but could you consider that all of Nintendo picks could be in pro that you have a cheaper console? An affordable console?
Being honest, the Wii U may have a hard time selling to the "hardcore" segment of the market, but that doesn't means its not going to sell or that is going to fail. I myself, criticized the Wii U when it came out(im mostly a pc gamer), but one does have to see the product from all the possible perspectives.
And please, just give the console some time, it just came out.

MizTv2130d ago

I played it for the first time last week and was not impressed at all

madcowz642130d ago

It's not that it's "weak" it's just that it was expected to be stronger than the ps3 and 360 and it isn't.

2130d ago
chronoforce2130d ago

Release a new console only a year apart, sounds familiar. I'm looking at you Sega.

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LOGICWINS2131d ago

I feel that Nintendo has backed themselves into a corner with the Wii U. It'll be interesting to see how long they can keep up the smoke and mirrors.

LOGICWINS2131d ago

Yes, smoke and mirrors that they're using to convince people that the Wii U is ACTUALLY a viable next-gen gaming platform for hardcore gamers.

Even if they drop the price, they're still in BIG trouble when the 720/PS4 launch.

lilbroRx2131d ago

No, they aren't. You are lost in delusions of hate.

The only problem with the Wii U now is that it there are so few games coming out soon. I support Nintendo but I don't have a Wii U because there isn't anything enough to buy it out yet.

That will change when Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and game that Monolith Soft is developing come out.

Pure specs don't mean much of anything anyumore. Trine 2(the only Wii U port with effort put into it) has already demonstrated that the Wii U is technically superior to the last gen consoles and that is enough.

I have a gaming PC for when I want more than that, and I'm not looking forward to Sony and Microsofts consoles stifling the PC gaming market with their ports "again".

LOGICWINS2131d ago

It's not hate, I WANTED to like the Wii U.

However the content that has been announced for the future is not enough to justify the price tag unless your the hardest of the hardcore of Nintendo fans.

darthv722131d ago

they have hit a do over moment in their company history. meaning that they have come full circle to where the wii could be the rebirth of console gaming for them. ALA the original NES.

Gaming has been pretty rocky for the last several years and the success and popularity of the WII is very much like when the NES was released in the US. It was a runaway hit.

So the natural progression of going from the Wii to the Wii-U would be akin to the transition from the NES to the SNES. Games were better, it offers more value in the sense that it is superior to the previous platform but also maintains that ability to play your entire library of wii, wii-ware games in addition to the growing library of wii-u games.

Something the SNES didnt really have when it came to the NES (officially anyway).

What I find most troubling is the insistent comparatives of what is current tech to future tech to old tech when the reality of it is the tech that drives any of these platforms is all progressive. Each one capitalizes on the strength of the previous one to progress up that evolutionary ladder we have been climbing since pong.

Its one thing to have a distaste for a particular company. But dont hate the game. you can hate the players (Nintendo, Sony, MS) but their contributions to this entertainment outlet are all genuine and each one really believes they are trying to offer something unique to the next.

WiigotU2131d ago

If logic wins yours is truely flawed.
Allow me to explain my thoughts. if the ps4 is to be successful sony can't afford to take a loss on the system like it did with the last generation. Also Sony is struggling in japan and it has taken them a long time to barely sell 70 mil. That's not a failure by any means but they barely started making a prophet. Sorry to say if you think sony is making exclusives because they love there fans then your wrong.

They appreciate there fans but know in order to keep interest in the system they have to attract new fans but the fans that have a xbox aren't running out to buy a ps3.

Now lets look at price point. The wii u is set at a perfect price point and all nintendo has to do is release somewhat of a game changer in the near future but not only that release 3 .

So the ones who should be worried is sony vs microsoft as those two consoles will be looking to compete with each other and that steam box system.

Times is rough and I work two jobs and can only afford one other system to compliment my wii u. If reports are correct the x box and playstation will be so similar that the only thing that will support the tww will be there control imput.

Now the question is who will immitate nintendo first or who will be original.

ElectricKaibutsu2131d ago

I tend to find LOGICWINS to be one of the more level headed commenters, but I still disagree with him/her here. Undoubtedly the Wii U will be less powerful than the PS4 and 720 but I don't think that's their big problem. Nintendo systems have a stigma that only Nintendo games sell well on them. It's been that way since the N64. Having 3rd party support is the No. 1 most important aspect of having a popular system. People seem to forget that the ill-fated Dreamcast (and GC and xbox) was more powerful than the immensely popular PS2, which became the best selling console of all time thanks to 3rd parties. I'm not lying about the Dreamcast being that powerful, btw, feel free to double check me on that.

I don't know if the Wii U will do well, but I think it depends on where the 3rd parties go and not what the clock speed of the processor is.

NBT912130d ago

Visually sure i thought the same thing but I bought a Wii U the other day and the difference between playing Bayonetta 2 on wii u versus any other console will be that the wii u lets me sit downstairs with my mum and sister and play it while only the console is on upstairs.

That is what is great about the wii u and yeah the vita can do it but remote play is half assed in comparrison.

Without owning one its tricky to imagine why you would want a Wii U but they really are different to the other consoles, the nextbox and ps4 will dwarf it but they wont be able to offer the same experiences and that is why the WiiU will be fine I think.

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Bigpappy2131d ago

That article needs a "/s" and ":)" at the end. They just spent all their profits from the wii, making wii u. Now you expect them to replace that console in one year and ask their fans to shell out another 300 bones?... Must be written by a Madden or COD fan.

EddieNX 2131d ago

This article is a true JOKE lol. WHo cares so much about power ? PS vita VS 3DS . One is considerably more powerfull and is horribly failing.

Do you really think Nintendo is interested in selling super powerfull consoles at a company threatening loss ? HELL NO.

There is nothing wrong with the wiiu's graphics. Sit down and Play Nano Assault Neo and the Rayman Legends demo and Trine 2 directors cut and you can see the console has potential graphically and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Not everything is a horsepower race *sigh* I actually think people in the future are going to be A LOT more wary about power consumption on ALL appliances. So if the wiiu uses a fraction of the power the 720 and ps4 do , then that's a huge selling point.

The wiiu will be here until 2018 , Whether you ''hardcore gamers'' like it or not. I am gunna love mine along side my other 8th generation consoles. I actually see Sony going bust rather soon...

wenaldy2131d ago Show
WiigotU2131d ago

@ Wenaldy He was making a comparison so calm down he is able to have an oppinion right? Why you so salty?

ElectricKaibutsu2131d ago

"So if the wiiu uses a fraction of the power the 720 and ps4 do , then that's a huge selling point."

As an adult who pays for my own electrical bill, I can agree with this. Having a lower power console that you use often could save you over 100 bucks a year. That's two games right there! Also the Wii U uses less power than the PS3 and 360, but they're old tech, before going green caught on so I'm not bashing them for it. I'm sure all the next gen systems will be energy conscious.

MikeMyers2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Gaming is about having fun, not which is the most powerful. If people really wanted to support the best by design it would be the PC but hundreds of millions don't for whatever reason.

Nintendo has said they are not making any money currently on the hardware and the price is $300-$350. After all the flack the PS3 got for its high price why would Nintendo release a system that is higher than that?

I'm not sure where all this entitlement attitude comes from but each generation it seems to get worse. They want everything but don't want to pay for it. The Wii U is the first system to have a tablet controller included with the hardware. How much is a Vita/PS3 combo? The Wii U also has no lag between the controller and the system. It is designed from the get go to work in tandem.

Gaming is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby but it seems like people would rather bitch and moan all day long instead. Constantly saying things like 'Vita is doomed, the Wii U sucks, Microsoft are evil, Call of Duty gamers are noobs.'

Is this really why some people come to the forums, to fester and portray negativity all day long? Nintendo isn't going to release a new console in 2 years. They may have a new revision of the existing Wii U or a new handheld but not a whole new console.

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showtimefolks2131d ago

Lol no. Nintendo came to the party late. They should have launched wii HD which is now wii-u in 2010. That way by 2015 they could have launched their next system

I know Nintendo fanboys will click disagree but understand this a lot of big 3rd arty games in 2013 are not slated to come out for 2013, so in the long history of Nintendo they haven't gotten great 3rd party support since NES and now wii-u is in a loosing position.

I hope it changes but 3rd party big games and Nintendo home consoles don't go together. Also Nintendo has to do whatever it takes to get GTA5 on wii-u. Whatever they have to do because that will be making a statement.

Not saying wii-u will fail but if we gonna compare it with next Xbox and ps4 than I don't see it succeeding . But I am excited to play Nintendo's 1st party games in HD

Jazz41082130d ago

This article read like it was written from a spoiled child.

avengers19782130d ago

Releasing another new console right away would certainly doom Nintendo, what they will most likely do is release games like Zelda, Mario, and metroid and lower there price when ps4 and nextbox come out...
they might be out matched in terms of power, but they will have the year lead. The main thing will be If third party devs continue to make games people want for it.

N4g_null2130d ago

The proof is in the games not the tech. To believe consoles are high end is a mistake and a lie. Pc are high end not consoles. The highest believed spec of last gen was the ps3. It use lots of 5-7 year old tech with one main feature that was new blu ray. The cell was new but poorly executed. The wiiu has the tech to do Hd gaming justice now. That is what really matters. You can over shoot the console market in the middle of a resession while carrying a huge debt if you want to. That is how companies die and get disrupted.

Look around many hd gamers are feed up with last gen Hd gaming because it was mostly a lie. Many of these gamers are going pc now. A cheap amd fx CPU and a good CPU.

What stopped the wii was compatibility with Hd tvs and hd content. Also programming will be making the switch to gpgpu support of some sort so intel and amd can keep advancing their tech.

All of this is great but the life blood of gaming is gaming, you know game play. Story, graphics, tech, are distractions that turn almost infinit replay into limited replay like movies. True some of this could add to game play but I have seen a project like that green lit in a long long while.

So it's looking like ms and nintendo will be left. Sony can not possibly win tech wise and their ips don't have the replay of nintendos at the moment. We all know talent from Sony will go to nintendo or ms. Heck nintendo is already hiring Sony talent.

So we can talk about the ground of a race track or the cars, you know the things that make racers winners. These journalist really do not understand this media and the agenda of artist wanting gaming to be some thing it never was will cause companies to close.

This is about gaming and we can guess what nintendo hand is and they have a lot of aces that have been crushing diversion since the 486 intel chips. If you actually witness the wii on a dlp HDTV or the dolphin emulator then you can see why this isn't even going to be fair.

Once the games start to get announced we will get to see. When you base your games on challenge then people will get hook. When you based them only on story then please understand books and DVDs do not cost $60 dollars. If we need all this tech then where are the Floyd dynamic and potiential synthesis games?

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MultiConsoleGamer2131d ago

You don't get more "trolling for hits" than this.

stragomccloud2131d ago

I don't know why people don't just ignore this one. This one is clearly just out to ruffle some feathers. Anyway, who outrightly hates a company, and completely ignores its' great games, or potential for great games, is not a gamer. They are a "bandwagon player."

Relientk772131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Designing and creating a video game console takes time and money. If Nintendo just released a new console in November 2012, even if they wanted to, making a new console for 2014 would be extremely difficult. They would have to work on all the aspects of a console, and improve on the Wii U, and make more features. They would need to give gamers even more reasons to purchase it. The Wii U may have a hard time competing with the Xbox 720, and PS4, arguably with visuals/graphics most will say; and even 3rd party games. However, this has yet to be seen, those consoles have not been released yet. If Nintendo wanted to release a new console in 2014, they would have to be working on it right now. Nintendo also has to support the Wii U though and put games on it gamers want. Nintendo releasing a new console a meer 2 years after a new console, is EXTREMELY unlikely.

Blues Cowboy2131d ago

I'd prefer a new version of the Gamepad with a capacitive touchscreen that supports multi-touch. Personally I feel that the Gamepad gives the Wii U scope to deliver truly revolutionary games, but they'll need to make the most of their second most important innovation.

The first, of course, being MiiVerse - which is probably the most forward-thinking console innovation I've seen in years.

Ck1x2131d ago

I have a question, what has capacitive touch screens brought to gaming that can't be done with analogue sticks and buttons? Everyone seems to keep throwing out there that the screen isn't capacitive and multi-touch. But what game besides a casual Pet Sim or pinch and zoom on the web browser would you use muti-touch for?

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ElectricKaibutsu2131d ago

Capacitive screens are so cheap now that I couldn't imagine Nintendo going with a resistive screen just to save money. If I had to guess I'd say Nintendo decided based on resistive screens being more durable and more accurate. As other people mentioned, I can't think of an advantage a capacitive screen has over resistive that isn't easily solved by the buttons and joysticks.