PlayStation All-Stars Vita Pre-Order DLC Are Being Sent Out

PSE Writes: "For owners that pre-order PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, you might find that in your Messages list on PSN contain a voucher link to download the pre-order DLC which many have not gotten, for use on your PlayStation Vita."

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Godchild10202898d ago

I got my code a few days ago. It's nice to play and see the costumes on my Vita version. I personally prefer my Vita version over my Ps3 one, in some cases.

dp2774072898d ago

Yea same here, I also got mine a few days ago.

Lubu2897d ago

I never got the little sister and big daddy costumes for LBP Vita. Is anyone else missing them?

admiralvic2897d ago

Are you talking about the code saying you got that, but you only got an online pass? If this is what you mean, it was a simple misprint. An amazingly stupid error, but a misprint regardless.

Lubu2897d ago

Yes, that's what I was referring to. Thanks for the info.

2897d ago
Y_51502897d ago

I got that just a few days ago aswell! It's awesome that they did this, I was first disappointed that the Vita version didn't have the costumes but now it's complete! I hope this is not going to be a similar case when the character DLC releases.