4 things the Vita needs to succeed

Along with many other eager gamers, as February 2012 approached I began absorbing every snippet of info about the Playstation Vita I could find. I read and re-read previews and press releases, and it all looked so good; this would be the console that proved the critics and doubters wrong, that the handheld market is still viable, and that not everyone is satisfied with just an iPhone and Angry Birds on the bus to work. I own a Vita, and it is an excellent piece of technology - it is comfortable to hold, is clearly powerful, has a myriad of innovative control inputs…the list goes on. Kotaku called it "the most powerful and physically capable gaming handheld ever made." So why isn't it a success?

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dboyman2344d ago

All valid points. Plus maybe should include fact need some more none gaming apps for the Vita....

MikeMyers2344d ago

All valid points but I would replace #4 with less doom and gloom articles writing the system off before it even hits it's 1st anniversary.

Cam9772344d ago

How about PS2 support? That itself would be a system-seller for many people and would make me love my Vita even more (GRAND THEFT AUTO on the go anyone?).

Janitor2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Yeah....except there's already been three gta games on the PSP years ago, not to mention one on the ds and two on android/iOS.

GTA on the go would be nothing new, unless they made a SA port/SA stories, which would be awesome.

rpd1232344d ago

Well yeah, but there is more than just GTA on the PS2. PS2 support would be cool, but not really necessary in my opinion. A lot of great PS2 games are available one way or another already.

porkChop2344d ago

PS2 Classics just aren't feasible. The Vita has nowhere near the amount of power needed to emulate PS2 games. I could see it being done by streaming through Gaikai, or through more HD Collections because those are completely recoded to run perfectly on the Vita. But that's about all.

EternalChaos2344d ago

Wait what? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but the Vita has plenty of power for that. It has games that are on the PS3 (Down-scaled) but way above PS2 power. It's even getting PS2 games but they have to be upscaled so they don't look like crap on it.

porkChop2344d ago

Did you not bother reading what I wrote? Emulation is completely different than re-coding a game specifically to work with the Vita. Those PS2 games that are coming to the Vita are being completely re-coded for the Vita, they aren't using emulation, and they aren't simply being "upscaled". Emulation takes an enormous amount of power compared to the original console. The PS3 can obviously do it, but not without it's fair share of performance issues and bugs. The Vita is very powerful for a handheld, yes, but it does not have anywhere near the necessary power to emulate a PS2. I really don't think you understand how emulation works.

TheEnigma3132344d ago

The vita will do well. Assassin's creed is approaching 500k, so that's a good sign. The demand is there, just a small price cut and those thing will fly off of the shelf.

Godchild10202344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

At first I thought that was do to the game being bundled with the Vita. While that is the case some what in the US, it's not overseas. The game is bundled, but overseas, it comes with a downloadable copy. So, the sells are higher than we think.

I'm happy it's selling well, that means we can expect more titles from Ubisoft in the future.

soljah2344d ago

how about for those that own the 3g model and data plan add texting app. vita already has a phone number assigned to it with a data plan.
how about expanding the app store. let the community develop and sell their apps to download to vita

TheFirstClassic2344d ago

It might not need this to suceed but what I really want is the price of psp games to drop. Technically they are last gen titles but some are 20 or 30 bucks. I think they should be 15 max for now. Also, more psp games need to come to the store.

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