Battlefield, Counter-Strike, And Call of Duty Maps Recreated In Far Cry 3

MP1st - When we heard about Far Cry 3 Map editor, we expected many great things to come of it, but not something like this.

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zrsh2347d ago

I with I could play classic maps from Mohaa.
The Hunt, Rocket V2, Bridge.... OMG... That will be awsome!!

Young_ART2347d ago

This is ok I guess, but I prefer the Call of Duty engine over the far cry engine. The particle effects in call of duty are far more superior (in terms of when grenades explode), the leaves on the trees and all of the nature effects are very high definition and life like, and it just feels like you're looking through the window of a real life home, and watching a war go on. Call of duty if exceptional, and I am very thankful to be alive to enjoy the wonderful experiences infinity ward and treyarch release, year after year after year.

If you have play BLOPS2, add me on the most superior current gen console on the market today, xbox 360.

GT: L33TSn1P3r96

animegamingnerd2347d ago

the trolling with this one is strong

akaakaaka2347d ago

He is like possessed by the same things that are in the paranormal activity movie..

B-radical2347d ago

His power succeeds anything i have ever seen before

saladthieves2347d ago

...your trolling is just disgusting and downright appalling.

Aww, look, he ran out of bubblies! :)

AusRogo2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Oh... Oh god.. oh no. Now thats a trolling, made me cringe!

Farsendor12347d ago

you didn't make me angry :)

i can't wait to play far cry 3 i heard its an excellent game

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DeadlyFire2347d ago

Ubisoft is doing a great job at establishing itself and its Ips.

This map editing is possible on X360 and PS3 versions of the game. The PC version could see mods and additions to the map editor for even more depth to make more comparable versions. Fun part about the editor is its a toy for everyone interested in FarCry 3! :)