Four underappreciated PS3 titles coming in 2008

There really seems to be a lot to be excited about in the lineup of PS3 games this year. The author highlights a few that seem to have been flying just under the radar of hype.

From the article: "While there are lots of sequels of big name titles coming out like Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid for the PS3, there are also new services and niche titles like Flower and Playstation Home."

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Blankman5960d ago

I don't think killzone 2 is underappreciated. Enough people have heard about it all guerilla has to do is deliver a great game with average reviews of 9 upwards yes it isnt an easy task but its about time they made a good game with the full backing of sony this is their opportunity to make an impression in the gaming world. If the game is well reviewed it will sell very well. Socom on the other hand which was promised last yr then shifted to june (which i bet will be pushed back for metal gear solid) and will probably arrive sometime in august i don't know. I can however say if they deliver on their promise of 95% destructible environments i can guarantee i will buy this game without a thought. I want more shooters to incorporate destructible environments

slymaddox5960d ago

I don't think Killzone 2 or Home is underappreciated at all. They is way to much talk about each title. And the other two are yet to be seen. Not enough information.

SRuN45960d ago

SOCOM doesnt have 95% destructable environments, they have it confused with Bad Company.

Hitman_Legend5960d ago

I certainly do not think Killzone 2, Playstation Home, and SOCOM, even fall into the category of underappreciated, Home doesn't even belong their period, its not a game.

mikeslemonade5960d ago

I disagree Killzone 2 is underappreciated next to Resistance 2. Killzone 2 far into the later stages in development compared to Resistance 2. And yet if you ask any PS3 owner which game they would rather have right now they will usually say Resistance 2.

Grahammad5960d ago

This was clearly a very badly written article as there are many problems in the facts presented. SRuN4 had a good point about the destructible environments, many of the titles presented are NOT underappreciated and the amount of polygons in Killzone 1 are equal to the number of polygons in a FULL character in Killzone 2... not just their face.

kira9895960d ago

I dont think Killzone 2 is being pushed down by Resistance 2

I just think that because Resistance has just been announced that people are more excited about it right now, but with the release of Killzone, our attention will shift again!

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PStriple7035960d ago

i think white knight story will be a sleeper hit

Blankman5960d ago

yea i believe white knight story will be a majour sleepr hit. PS3 hasnt really had any solid rpg's yet and level 5 seems ready to deliver with that title. I have no idea when it releases though. Far too many ps3 games have been pushed back.

mintaro5960d ago (Edited 5960d ago )

hmmm, ive never even head of flower

lol you guys are disagreeing with the fact that ive never heard of the game?

Anego Montoya FTMFW5960d ago (Edited 5960d ago )

flOwer is the NEW game from THAT GAME COMPANY who made flOw.

don`t know much about.

but flOw was pretty frickin (yes, fricken LOL) cool.

BTW, how dare you, you have not heard about it. LOL.

some people.

xhairs5960d ago

They said it is named Flower, not flOwer, it's not a sequal to flOw and has nothign to do with flOw and should not be mistaken for any of the such. How dare you mislead!! Lol..

lodossrage5960d ago

I'm curious on that one. Given all we know about HOME so far it's odd that they consider it a title

TheExecutive5960d ago

its not a game. No way no how, they are just plain wrong.

-EvoAnubis-5960d ago

It is an online service. How the hell does that apply?

slymaddox5960d ago

Home does have game built inside of it. I wonder what defines a game. There is a lot of fun stuff out there that I owuld consider a game. PHUN being an excellent example.

-EvoAnubis-5960d ago

True, it has games built inside of it, but it, in and of itself, is not a game. It's more of a 3D social space.