Life of Pixel Is a Platformer Set Inside Classic Computers

Push Square: "There have already been a handful of interesting ideas published as part of Sony’s cross-platform portable gaming initiative PlayStation Mobile – but Super Icon’s upcoming Life of Pixel is in a different league."

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sorceror1712348d ago

Be interesting to see a modern interpretation of the 2600's radical limitations. I was awfuly impressed with what Halo 2600 managed...

3GenGames2348d ago

The best way is to look at the homebrew on the system. Modern games set the bar to what developers on the systems today try to get. Most games designed on and implemented with a modern computer to get the classic effect either don't get the limitations right (excess to what is possible) or make seem even worse than it was. Halo 2600 is one of many A2600 games released last year, try the others out too.

TheLastGuardian2348d ago

"Life of Pixel Is a Platformer"